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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by najerry, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. najerry

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    Have been on Cymbalta for a long time. It just stopped working. My Reumy suggested switching to Savella. Has anyone done this? Did you have to wean off the Cymbalta? He said no I'll just go on Savella. Did you have to work youir way up with the Savella? I"m nervous.
    But the Dr is doing study on switching from Cymbalta to Savella and will monitor me closely.
    Any input would be apprieciated
  2. siestasuze

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    I was on Cymbalta for over 2 years. Heard about savella last August 09. Cymbalta never did much for me, so I asked Dr. to switch to the savella.

    First of all, going off the cymbalta 60mg. / day was like H*ll! My Dr. had me stop the Cymbalta and went straight to the "titration" pk of savella. The Savella titration pack is a must, according to makers of Savella. They provide Dr.s with sample titration packs, at least according to my Dr. She gave me one to start with and it lasts for 1 month.

    I was on savella for about 7 months. I hadn't felt that good in the last 15 years. My depression was even gone. The pain was still there but just barely in the background.
    My mom takes it and has had success with it.

    However, the side effects of increased Heart Rate and blood pressure forced me off the Savella. I tried diff. doses & every thing I could to try to stay on it. But my resting heart rate never went below 110. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, and finally my Dr. said I had to get off it. VERY sad I had to give it up.

    Good luck, I hope you have success with it. Like I stated it is the best Rx I have ever, ever been on. But be prepared for coming off the Cymbalta....others on this board have had bad time weaning off cymbalta--search the posts on this site.

    Best wishes, suze
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  3. victoria

    victoria New Member

  4. musiclady56

    musiclady56 Member

    I was also on Cymbalta for a long time and changed to Savella. I dropped from 60mg per day to 30 mg of cymbalta. Then I started on a quad pack, starting with 25mg of Savella working up to 100mg per day. I was very anxious at first so I took a Klonopin at those times and got through alright. I have been on Savella since June and I have more energy and have lost 15 lbs. but it hasn't taken the pain alway like cymbalta.
  5. HappyGal

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    I have had CFS and Fibromyalgia for 10 years. Have taken Klonopin and Nortriptilene for most of that time, but felt as if I was beginning to go downhill re: lack of energy and more pain.

    I too am nervous about the Savella. My doctor said I would not feel well for about a month; and then I would get better. It is been about a month, and I am feeling a little more energetic but am so sadated and groggy feeling. Have had trouble with the dosage and have cut mine down. Sorry I can't help you with the Cymbalta.

    Just were wondering if you are making progress. Also, the Savella was keeping me awake at night, so my dr. said to take it early in the morning and at lunch. I've reduced my dosage to 25 mg. at 5am and 25 at luch time. Good luck.
  6. najerry

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    Had a terrible allergic reaction. Had to stop and had gone off Cymbalta. Tried to go without for weeks. Finally went to Pt and pychiatrist put me back on Prozac as I had for years. Only first days and hoping for some relief. Anybody else have this problem?
  7. PainSux

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    I just weaned off of Savella. My doctor instructed me. The relief from my fibro pain started just a couple of days into it. But, so did the severe nausea & constipation. I have severe IBS & that is treated w/Lotronex which is very strong & I stopped it as soon as I started Savella because of its side common side effect of constipation. I ate a half a container of dried apricots a day an raisins which I can usually never eat when not on Savella. Unfortunately, it didn't help. I was also using Ex-Lax w/o relief. I have to also take Zofran for the nausea three to four times a day & am still taking it 1-2 x a day. I haven't been taking it for about two days now. The pain hasn't yet returned. I met a new Rheumy today & he prescribed Cymbalta. I am not sure if I am going to take it. I can't recall why I stopped it a few or so years ago.

    Savella is great if you do not have the side effects. If you do they're really tough to deal with. I'm sure you know by now bc your post is from June.

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