cymbalta vs. prozac

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    Hi Everyone,
    I am in such a bad flare at the moment I am going out of my mind!! I dont even know where to begin - my gp suggested I start cymbalta a few months ago after being on prozac for a number of years because she said it probably would help with the pain. I started taking it and I did notice a decrease in my pain but my nueasa was so bad and I had no appetite whatsoever!! My
    depression was kind of up and down and I wasn't sure why but I still percevered with the cymbalta.
    I recently had an elbow operation due to really bad tennis elbow and torn tendon - that was six weeks ago now and I have been in such bad pain with it and therefore my fibro really flared up.
    My gp gave me oxycontin coz I couldn't stop crying because of the pain and my depression just
    really got so so bad. The oxy helped so much I felt almost normal again but my specialist for my elbow said not to take any kind of opiod as it just masks the pain. He gave me steroids to take for a week which I haven't started yet as I am so scared to take it - I have heard of really bad side effects. I truly dont know what to do. I am currently on 75 mgs lyrica at night as well as ambien and clonazepam which I really want to get off but cant due to bad withdrawal. I have changed back from cymbalta to prozac and I am not sure whether I should have as I am crying all day long and so so depressed I really sometimes just want to end my life as I can't deal with this pain and going back and forth with medications. My question is would it be possible that I am just having withdrawal from cymbalta back to prozac? Shall I go back on the cymbalta and just deal with the neausa?
    I am going to see a psychiatrist on Tuesday because I am going out of my whole body shakes and have had heart palpatations. The only thing at the moment that helps is the oxycontin, which calms me down and helps with the pain. I am so scared I will get
    addicted to that as well. What shall I do??????

    Can anyone help??

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    If your concerned about antidepressant withdrawals prozac would be the best choice has it has a long half life and a very reduced withdrawal side effect profile. Many people who have trouble withdrawing from different anti-d's move onto prozac and then taper off of it as its the easiest to come off. Once off u could maybe had 5htp which can also help with withdrawal problems.
    As far as steroids for your elbow which i assume has alot of inflammation, this sounds reasonable, these are not bodybuilding steroids but cortisol steroids which reduce inflammation and can help those types of injuries heal quicker. A one week course of steroids would have minimal side effects, its when used long term when problems arise. Another option for severe inflammation is to use a strong anti-inflammatory called toradol, its in the same class as other typical anti-inflammatories like naprosyn etc but alot stronger and shouldnt be use for more then 5 days. Oxycontin is also a reasonable choice and can be used with steroids or anti-inflammatories until pain is under control, after 5 days of steroids or toradol, it would be reasonable to use celebrex for a month to keep inflammation down as well as some gentle physio. Also dont underestimate ice packs for 30 minutes at a time as this too can help with pain and inflamation.