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  1. kathy9247

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    is anyone here familiar with cymbalta? I am taking it because of bipolar, but i have heard it is used for fibro also. any information would be greatly appreciated.
  2. dottiann

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    taking it now three months, supposed to help fibro, cant say i have beenreally that impresses,it is a moderate anti depressant that the fda has approved for nerve pain. but i think you try anything. the anti drepresion part is helpful but you arent like happy or anything all the time, you just dont wantto off your self as much
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    I'm bi polar too and I take cymbalta and Seroquel for it,cymbalta has helped me with the pain of FM a little,also I have noticed after quitting the zoloft and changing to cymbalta my mind is not racing all of the time, so yes I am happy with the change.
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    because I also have alot of pain, burning pain in my feet. I'm also depressed, so the cymbalta so far has helped me with both of the problems. I have been on it for about a month, I think in a few weeks I will know more about how it is working for me. I will say that the first week I took it, I felt so good but now it's like I'm just getting along. It is better than being in so much pain, but I sure wish I felt like I did the first week. Good luck and have a great day.
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    I've been taking it for a few months now and although I haven't been able to see the effects of pain relief, I now know it definitely does help my mood.

    I had decided it wasn't helping so stopped taking it and cried for the entire weekend and felt lousy.

    Once I went back on it, my mood is much better, so yes, it has helped more than I thought.

    My doc just put me on 90 mg a day and told me the max dose can go as high as 120.
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    Something about FMS..

    There is no cookbook recipe for prescribing medications for FMS and CMP. A medication that works well for one person can be completely ineffective for another
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    I've been on Cymbalta for about 6 months and haven't noticed any improvement in my pain over usind Effexor XR which I was on before but I sure do sweat a lot less. I was first on 20mg, than 3 months now on 40mgs and feel even for the depression I need to be on 60mgs. I also take Clozepam for anxiety original 6mg a day, now dowm to 4mg and my doctor is trying to get me off of it since I've been on high doses for about 8 years. I take trazadone 100mg for sleep too. I'm not sure if I'll stick with the cymbalta as I want to get pregnant this next spring and would love to be on a single drug or combo of drugs good for depression (FM & CFS related) and anxiety (had before the FM & CFS)but not sure how safe many of the drugs are. If Cymbalta is safe I may just stick with it if I can use something else for Anxiety. I hate how expensive Cymbalta is I paid $250 a month with my last insurance and now $125 a month. That is a lot out of pocket. I am currently also using the Fentanyl patch (75mcg...would love to go stronger but won't) and have read it it probably okay to use during pregnancy just concerns of baby having withdrawl. I just think it is probably best if I can find the strength to go off of it all together or at least go down to 25mg.