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  1. tcpolchies

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    Hello again everyone. Im now up to 40 mg of Cymbalta and IB for pain 600mg. Couldnt handle the 800mg to harsh on me tummy. The cymbalta seems to be providing me with the energy I need to get through the day but its not stopping the flare-ups. I was under the assumption it would. Not sure why, but that was the impression my therapist gave me, hahaha. Im feeling so darn tired and have come up with another infection chest, ear, nose and throat. Sort of liek what I had at summer time, which lasted three months and with a long flare-up. Im scared I may fall back down like I did that time and that long. That was the longest flare up I ever experienced. On my way to my GP tomorrow to get some antibiotics.


  2. razorqueen

    razorqueen Member

    thought the dosage to help with fibro pain was 60 mgs? Sometimes 2x/day? I am waiting for it to be approved in Canada!
  3. tngirl

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    I started out on 30 mg. of cymbalta once a day for pain. My doctor said it was better to start low and build up if needed.

    I found my morning stiffness disappeared, my overall pain level went down and the pins and needle sensations greatly reduced.

    I am off it right now, because of some other problems I am having. Do not stop it suddenly. YOu have to wean off it.
    I will gladly resume taking it if/when the other issues are resolved.

    When on the cymbalta I still had pain, it was just reduced and it was nice not being so stiff I couldn't move int he mornings and getting rid of the pins and needles.
  4. 1horse

    1horse New Member

    cymbalta should help with the pain to some degree, but nothing really takes it all away. that is sadpart. you probably need a stronger dose. call your dr. feel better soon ~hugs~

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