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  1. gigio

    gigio New Member

    Has anyone tried Cymbalta for their depression and pain? If so, how did it work for you?

  2. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    I now take 120 mg at noon /I started at 60 most doctors start you at that dose.

    It does upset your tummy for the first few weeks.I took it with dry toast and had no problem.

    I was started on Nueontrin first than cymbalta.

    I know it does not work for everyone but I was bedridden for 2 yrs before I started the two.

    Now I'm out of bed.I still have pain and cannot drive nor stand and walk for long periods of time .The GREAT part is that I have some of my life back.I believe those 2 meds together is what did it.I'm very pleased with cymbalta.

    Remember though we are all different.

    Take care .Hope I was some help.
  3. najerry

    najerry New Member

    I, too have been on 120 mg of Cymbalta for about a month. It does work ,not completely ,still have bad times. But more good than bad.
  4. jengus

    jengus New Member


    Been taking 60 mg. of Cymbalta for over a year now. Has been best anti-depressant I've ever taken!! Not only has it eliminated my depression, but it has also helped with most of my fibro symptoms and with very few side effects.

    I also took Neurontin for a while and slept like a baby, but stopped after several months (up to about 1200 mg. a day) because I was a real grouch and said things to hurt family and close friends. It wasn't doing anything for my pain - I may try it again later. My doc has me taking 300 mg. at bedtime for sleep - I'll continue that until I run out of rx and go from there!

    Let me know how you do with Cymbalta - I did take 90 mg. for a short time and decided that 60 mg. a day was enough! How much Neurontin are you taking?

  5. ellie-b

    ellie-b New Member

    I have been taking cymbalta 60 mg for abt 9 mos and it has really helped me, but I think I need to take more I hve been depressed the last few weeks and felt awful tired, more pain, it's good to be reminded what the meds do. I should keep up on them better, I take so many it is depressing

  6. bre_ann

    bre_ann New Member

    for depression. She really likes it but it is costly. She just recently lost her health benefits so now she is trying to wean herself off of it because she can't afford it and she's not liking the effects of trying to get off of it.
  7. laura3951

    laura3951 New Member

    my husband took it he has anxiety and the doc had run out of samples for his usual gave him cymbalta and it was a horrible choice i am sure it is great for depression but not for anxiety so he went nuts, we got him back on paxcil and hes great now so i wish doc would have been alittle more concerned about his health insted of our wallet
  8. Astarte

    Astarte New Member

    My dr. gave me Cybalta 3 weeks ago, started 30 mgs, go to 60 mgs on Monday. I really love it. I do have more energy, not a "high" type of energy but more like what I used to have before FM. Takes some of the pain away, and any relief is welcome.
  9. lvjesus

    lvjesus Member

    I love it. I am on 60mg once a day. I take it in the morning. The doc had me taking it at night, but it wrecked my sleep. I have my energy back and am running around doing tons of things I have not done for a long time.

    I wake up ready to start the day but it has not worked for the pain. It is getting worse, but I love it for energy.

  10. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I take 60 mg of Cymbalta for pain -- 30 mg in the AM and 30 mg in the PM. (When I took the full 60 mg in the AM, it caused me to be too sleepy all day -- other than that, I have not had any side effects from it.)

    I think it has worked well on my pain.

    I also take Neurotin for the fibro pain -- it works well, too.
  11. jengus

    jengus New Member

    I sent you message after you asked if Cymbalta worked on depression & pain. Just getting back on computer and wondered how you are doing with it so far? Don't give up - it takes a while!

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