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  1. Dayo

    Dayo New Member

    Hi! has anyone tried cymbalta or Duloxetine. I want to try it, it is good for pain and is also an anti depressent, What do you think?. I need to try something and I am up for ideas. Take Care. Hang in there guys!!!! Dayo
  2. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    It is good for depression but I have not had luck with a decrease in pain. I actually went to 120 mgs. a day to see if that would help, and it didn't at all. In fact, I was very emotional, depressive symptoms.

    So, I went back to 60 mgs. and have been less depressed but the pain level is the same. So I guess more is not always better.

    Hope this helps a bit.

  3. alonebutnotlonely

    alonebutnotlonely New Member

    I started on Cymbalta about 2 years ago (I think).

    I didn't think it was doing anything so I quit taking it.

    My hands and feet started hurting unbelievably. I couldn't understand why because they had hurt before and had stopped and all of the sudden they were hurting again.

    One of my friends with Fibro asked me if I hadn't just quit cymbalta and finally I understood it.

    I started back taking it again and the hand and foot pain went away again.

    I would not have known how much it was helping the pain had I not quit taking it.

    It wouldn't hurt to try it.

  4. adberens

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    Cymbalta has really helped me for pain. I have CFS but have not realized how bad the pain was until I went on Cymbalta and had the pain relieved. It is wonderful. I still have pain but not the overwhelming constant pain. It also helps my mood.
  5. Dasydoo

    Dasydoo New Member

    Didn't make me happy or help the pain a bit. Just expensive.