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    I have just gotten a script for Cymbalta. He wants to start me at the max 60mg. I was wonder if it makes anyone jittery and or rasies your blood pressure. I had those problems with Wellbutrin. I have remeron to take at night for sleep. I do not have major and or even minor depression but I have lots of positive results for pain reduction. I have even heard of an 80% reduction in pain level. THis would be good because I am on the max of Ultram which is not good for my liver, but I can't take anything that will speed up my heart rate as I have extreme problems controlling my blood pressure and heart rate. When I first wake up if I don't take my beta blocker immed my blood pressure is very high and even the task of taking a shower raises my hear rate to about 110+ and I sweat horribly - even in the shower and it take and hour or two until I settle down. It also has a high co-pay assiciated with in under my insurance and I don't want to just try something else unless I have some sort of return, even though I know that can not be guaranteed. Also anyone that has taken it, how long before you feel results. I know most SSRI's which this is a SSNRI; takes 4-6 weeks or more to help? Help please - Bobby
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    I am taking it and have had no side effects from it. I take 60mg day. I also take Trammadol 450mg day. Trammadol is ultram without the tylenol. It is fast acting in that you may begin to have good results in a couple of days or a week.

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