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    Hi I'am new to this, just found out about 7 months ago that I have FM and the pain has stop me from going to the beach and getting my grandchildren. I have tried Lyrica and that just seem to make me have more pain in my feet. Just went back to the Dr. and she is going to try me on Cymbalta,She started me at 30mg for a week than going to 60mg. Has anyone had good luck with this med?
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    I have major depression so was already on anti-depressants. about 2 years ago my frequent illnesses added an "aching all over all the time" component to it. I asked the psychiatrist I worked with if it would be worth trying cymbalta. He agreed to give me samples to see if it worked. It DID! The aching all over stopped immediately. ..
    A year later, I crashed and am now diagnosed with CFS. But I wonder if FM is Also involved. Will explore that in next Doctor's appt.
    Lots of people are reluctant to take anti-depressants, and some have bad side-effects with Cymbalta. so you will have to see for yourself if it works.
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    Put Cymbalta withdrawls or just Cymbalta in the Search field box on the top left of this page. You will see LOTS of posts on this medication.

    It has been a lifesaver...literally for me....but also the worst drug I ever took too! Why...because after taking it for 2 years, I felt I was no longer depressed and not in need of it so I tried to wean off of it. HORRIBLE withdrawls that made me go to the hospital.

    NOT EVERYONE was as unlucky as I was with this....but I thought I should tell you about it.

    Good luck,

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