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  1. stacielynn

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    I was just put on cymbalta a week ago now. I have read so many bad things about it that I am scared to stop taking it. My family doctor is the one who diagnosed my CFS years ago and now diagnosed the fibro. I made an appointment with the nearest rheumatologist to try and get more answers and for more explainations. I have been in so much pain for so long and test after test has been run still with no answer.

    Any suggestions would be very helpful.

  2. JohnThreeSixteen

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    I keep making this same post defending Cymbalta, lol. It was the best A/D for my pain, loved it! I started to wonder if I even had FMS to begin with. Due to sexual side effects (as with most A/D) I switched and MAN did I discover that not only do I really have FMS (how could I forget) but that A/D really DO help with pain. Just be sure to tape off if you ever stop taking ANY A/D. I had to taper off Lexapro. I tried cold turkey and had KILLER headaches everyday for 3 weeks straight until I figured out it was withdrawal, duh. I then tapered off and was fine.
  3. stacielyn how are u doing with it? I just got mine but always am so afraid of new meds. But I am in such pain I need to do something. I wonder if u can take vicodin with it? AND why are u going off it? didn't it help?
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  4. stacielynn

    stacielynn New Member

    I took it a couple days and was so high I had my family freaked out. I was all over the road when I was driving. No, I don't drink so that couldn't be it. I think it just interacted with my other meds.

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