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  1. kittycamcj

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    my doctor gave me cymbalta to take, but i've heard some nightmare stories when you try to stop. has anyone had an experience with that.
  2. jmq

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    I have been trying to wean off of it for over a year. I had terrible bad I landed in ER one night. I was doing it slowly too....but I guess not slow enough. I am now down to only 20 mg every other day...and still get a tiny bit of withdrawls but not too bad.

    Now, dont get me wrong....when they started me on the saved my life. I was suicidal and in alot of FM pain. It did not help too much with the pain but it was one of the few meds that worked great on the depression. I would just suggest not being on it longer than you have to. I think I just kept taking it for two years, without knowing how hard it was to go off of.

    Good luck and check in the search box....there are ALOT of posts on Cymbalta.

  3. Willow9

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    I am on Cymbalta and I too was afraid because of everything that I read. My doctor and I decided that we would only use it as a last resort because of my concerns. Well, after the worst pain I have ever had and depression that was getting worse I did go on the medication. It made a HUGE difference with my depression and helped my pain and I am not sorry that I made that decision. I am now on a very low dose and unlike others I did not have any withdraw experiences when I started cutting back. No one can make medical decisions for you. Work with your doctor who knows you and your body chemistry before you take any drug of this type. And if you do not have a doctor who will sit down and really talk with you about this medicine - find one.
  4. heapsreal

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    Hi i was on effexor a few years ago and it didnt help my cfs, trying to come off was a night mare. I tried tapering the dosage slowly and just got worse. Then i just did a straight swap with zoloft and tapered off it with no problems, I have tapered off zoloft in the past with no probs so my theory was to change from effexor , then taper. It might be worth a try if having problems getting off cymbalta. Prozac is suppose to be good for tapering off as it has a long half life. Drugs like effexor and cymbalta have short half lives which give more side effects when coming off. GOOD LUCK
  5. CTuit

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    I had heard the horror stories too but it really didn't seem to be doing me a lot of good. I did a very dumb thing and just didn't refill the prescription again. Wasn't really on purpose, it just didn't get done. Stopped cold turkey and didn't have a problem at all.