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    I wanted to know if anyone that has or is still taking Cymbalta, what good effects have happened to your "body". What kind of change did you noticed? My dr. said I should feel more energized. I've only taken it a week and half now, low dose in the morning. Just wondering what else hopefully should happen. Less pain in my body or what? I also am still taking the 300mg. at night of Neurontin to help me sleep better. Even though I'm still stiff when I get out of bed in tne morning. Thanks for any info. granmaw09
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    I have been taking Cymbalta since 2006, after I had a severly ruptured disc in my back removed, and still had nerve pain afterwards. I wasn't diagnosed with FM until 2008.

    Since it's been so long since I first started taking it, I may not be the best person to answer!
    But, I do remember that it helped with most of the nerve pain I was suffering from--I had sciatica pretty bad down my left leg, not to mention in my left hip! Anyway, it does help with that, and there are only few instances of flare-ups of the sciatica now.

    As far as more energized, I didn't experience that at all. In fact, I have to take my Cymbalta at nite because it makes me sleepy. But, it may effect you and others differently.
    I, too, still experience stiffness every morning when getting up, but it gradually goes away.

    All in all, Cymbalta has been the best med of its kind for me to take. Other meds that I've tried have had way too harsh side effects.

    Hope it does well for you!!

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    I was on Cymbalta for over a year. I ultimately had to quit it because of high blood pressure, high heart rate, and severe gut pains eventually. However, if you suffer none of those side effects keep at it. It helped very much with sleep and pain. It also helped nicely with the mood. I wish I could have kept using it.

    Good luck!
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    I have taken cymbalta for about 3 months now. The only thing i feel it has helped me with is depression. They also lowered my dosage because it did make me experience sleeplessness more than i already did. I am thankful that is does help with my depression and do not mind taking it. But remember as with everything else prescribed it reacts differently for each person. I am only on 60 mg a day and am able to deal at that amount. I don't feel energized by it at all.