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    Hi everyone,

    Havent been on the board for quite some time - usually from pain and other problems.
    Just wanting to know how cymbalta has affected anyone with fibro. The doc told me
    that it is used for pain reduction as well as depression. I tried it a while ago and I became
    quite anxious and hyper. I'm not sure whether that was the cymbalta or whether it was coming
    off the ambien at the same time so now I am trying it again as I have to know which one it was.

    Any remarks would be appreciated,
  2. glenda2

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    i was on cymbalta for a while it didn't really work for mei have trouble with any meds for depression...but it eas very hard to get off of...but meds work dif for everyone. hopefully it will do good for you! goodluck!!
  3. goldilox

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    thanks for your suggestions - where to you live aussiewoman? I am from Melbourne. Regards

  4. wildwoodlane

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    Hi, Sue -- Doctor just gave me samples of 30 mg. Cymbalta to try for depression (I have fibromyalgia). I took one last night and seems as though it made me jittery. I can't take Zoloft for that reason. Now I am leery about taking another pill tonight. I take Ambien occasionally to sleep -- how long and how much did you take to get hooked on it? It works really well for me, but I try to not take it every night. Also, were there problems with taking Cymbalta and Ambien together?

    What strength of Cymbalta were you taking, and did it help depression?

    Thanks for input from anyone

  5. kat211

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    My pain has been literally cut in half. I have been on it for 2 months. The first week was very difficult as I was coming off of celexa. The only side effect I have is increased spontaneous sweating. I will be honest, it is awful and gross. But, it is well worth it with the pain decrease and increase in energy and clearing of brain fog.

    As I say about any medication, there is no magic pill for all of us. Just because something works for me doesn't mean it will work for you. Finding the right med or combination of meds is like playing roulette, although there are statistics that say some numbers come up more often than others, it is all just a guess. Yes, it sucks, but it is well worth it to stick out the trial and error period to get relief. Also be aware that while a med might work for you, it very well could loose it's efficacy at a certain dose after a while. Just keep your head high and stick it out.

    good luck.
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    Cymbalta is best taken in the morning rather than at night, only take it at night if it makes you sleepy.