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  1. mom_of_two

    mom_of_two New Member

    I went to my first Rheumatologist appt. today. He gave me samples of Cymbalta 30mg. first week then 60mg after that. I haven't been diagnosed with anything as of yet,waiting for all the blood work and such to come back... but he is treating my pain and depression with this drug. I have seen the commercials for it, and did a quick look up of the side effects. Im so nervous to start it.

    What have any of you taking this experienced taking this?

    I am horrible with medication,, im usualy the person who gets all the nasty side effects.

    Thank you.
  2. mom_of_two

    mom_of_two New Member

    So I took my first pill before I went to bed last night.
    Oh my gosh, I had the most vivid and scary dreams! I couldn't wake myself up. I know that I was trying to, and I just couldn't. When I woke I thought everything in my dream had truley happned. I went downstairs and my hubby saw how frazzled I was and he just held me untill I stopped shaking. He came to bed with me and after I managed to fall back to sleep, did not have anymore dreams.
    Has this ever happned to anyone of you? I am wondering if I should quit taking this stuff, maybe its just not for me?
  3. mom_of_two

    mom_of_two New Member

    I did take it again last dreams (that I can remember) my hubby said I didn't even move! yay! I'm glad I gave it another shot and didn't just give up on it. From reading the posts here on the board it has helped alot of people. Lets hope it does the same for me! Crossing fingers........

  4. loto

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    I started Cymbalta several years ago for nerve pain, and since then have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.
    Cymbalta is the only medicine of this type for me-----no side effects like all the others gave me.

    Hope you try it and have luck with it!
  5. msgirl67

    msgirl67 New Member

    Hi Mom of Two~
    I started taking Cymbalta 30 mg two weeks ago and started the 60 mg last week. I have done fine on it so far (just a little nausea here and there). No dreams or nightmares....I actually don't hardly sleep at all. I take it with dinner and then take a sleeping pill before I go to bed and wake up 4-5 hours later.

    So far, I think the Cymbalta is working. My aches and pains have subsided considerably. I'm just tired and have no energy. Can't tell if it's a side effect of the Cymbalta...or b/c I'm not getting much sleep at night anyways.

    I'm glad to see that you took it again and that you did not have any dreams with it. I hope that it works for you. I'm going to keep taking it as long as I can....anything to keep the aches and pains away!
    Good luck!
  6. linda3273

    linda3273 New Member

    Hi mom of two, I was diagnosed and put on Cymbalta right away. Cymbalta gave me tremors. I shook all day. Then there was the constipation, it was awful. Different meds work for different folks, perhaps Cymbalta will work for you without big side effects. I now take Lyrica. I take 300 mg a day. It does help with the pain, and the side effects for me are minimal.

    Take care,
  7. LadyCarol

    LadyCarol Member

    Cymbalta is best taken in the morning rather than at night, only take it at night if it makes you sleepy.

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