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    I have posted here before about Cymbalta. I have now been taking it for about 8 months, and as i still feel its helping, maybe not as much as at the start, but still worth taking.
    I started at 30 mgs and then to 60 mgs, felt really tired through the day so now i take 30 mgs in the morning and 30 at night.

    My pain level is all over the place.. my worst time is laying down.. just plain hurts, like the nerves are on the outside.

    But with cymbalta i notice once and awhile i can lay down and it doesnt feel as bad.. I have even had a few morning , that i could lay there and just injoy the relaxing feeling, of sleeping in, without having to get up out of bed because of pain.. what a great feeling..i forgot what that felt like.

    I use the heating pad when i need too, at one time it was the only way i could get too sleep.

    Cymbalta has also help me too think more positive., so over all, for me its the only medication that has help me, after trying many over a 15 yr period.
    I know its not for everybody, but i am so glad too be getting a bit more sleep and this is continuing too help me.
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    That's great news! I am so happy that it works for you because it didn't work for me...I can't take it. You need to try meds and find the help you need. I have basically been on Tylenol 3 for pain control for 15 years, plus muscle relaxers and all kinds of night sleep aids. On very few now but at the worst of it, yup, the MEDS! Rest, get some distraction through anything you can find and when you have that much pain, you need to quell it somehow. Best wishes!
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    Cymbalta works for me; I've been taking it for about a year. (60 mg daily in the morning) It definitely gives me more energy. (I have both Epstein-Barr & Fibromyalgia)

    However, I still have to pace myself & be aware of overdoing it. I also take 100 mg of Trazadone at night for sleep. If I did not use that for sleep, I would not be able to work.

    I use a moist heating pad in the mornings to help with the neck/shoulder stiffness & I do yoga and gentle stretching.

    If you don't have a moist heating pad, simply run a washcloth under warm water, apply to tender points, and place the heating pad over it.

    I also take numerous vitamins & find that B-Complex & Calcium/Magnesium help me the most.

    Hope that helps! Hang in there!
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