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    Praying for your surgery on Wednesday. I have it on my calendar. What is the aim of the surgery? I am SO hoping that it reduces your pain!
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    I have to have my C 5,6 and 7 taken out. A neck fusion. I am having pain in my back, neck, and my left arm goes numb and tingly all the way down to my fingers. And, my grip is waay weak in that hand, and the arm is weak. Hopefully I wake up Wed. with no tingling, no pain, no numbness. They say some things may take time to come back.
    I also have Brachial Plexitis, but that can go away in time..and with PT. We will see what happens Wed. Tomorrow, I go in for my lab work. Tues. see the doc. Wed, the eeeeekkkk, day. lol.... I hear a lot more positive than negative about this surgery. Plus, I have lots of prayers going out for me. Thanks everyone. :))
    Jam, I promise, I will try and be the best patient. Even if the nurse tries ten times to get that IV in. Wait, nope, won't let her try ten times! :p
    Take care all. I hear that I should be up and around pretty good within a few days.
    Love to all, Cynthia
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  3. springwater

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    praying for the success of your surgery

    hope all goes well

    God Bless
  4. windblade

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    Thinking about you today throughout the day. Lifting up prayers for the surgery, and recuperating after. So hoping you will have relief from pain.
    Love, Wind
  5. Doznclan3

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    for the prayers. The dr. decided that C 5,6,and 7, needed to be removed. I went in Wed., came out Thur. Can you believe it? Yep, it hurt..hurts. :) The pain has gone down, but will take a while before I am pain free. Expected.
    I can already sit with my arm down! Do you know how exciting that is? lol..I've been holding my arm up, or had it resting up on my head since July. The numbness and tingling is mostly gone! Already. And it is supposed to get better. So, relief from what was going on already. So glad I had it done. I have to wear this collar 24/7 for a month. Well, as of tomorrow, 3 weeks. :) Again, would like to thank all for the prayers and thoughts sent out for me. Love you all! Cynthia
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    So relieved and glad to hear from you. I don't know what C 5, 6 and 7 are. Trying to imagine what was removed. Bone, obstructions? Can look it up to try and find out. So glad that the numbness and tingling have almost gone.

    I'm a little brain-foggy today, but I think I hear you saying that the pain has decreased, since you don't have to take the weight off of your neck by keeping your arm up. That must have been a grueling surgery. I'm so glad of any benefits you're having - and keep letting us know how your healing goes. Missed you when you were gone, so glad to have your loving presence back!

    Love, Wind
  7. Doznclan3

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    C stands for the neck area, then it goes on down the spine to T, the you have L for lumbar area..lower back.
    My problem was in the neck If you look up cervical spine, you should find pictures of the neck area..there are 8 discs in the neck..I think. :) If you dare, you can go to youtube and see what they do. They take out the disc and replace days, with your own bone and something else mixed with it, that I can't remember replace it where the disc was. It takes a full 3 months for these areas to really completely fuse. I am one week out now!
    So, my collar is only on for three more weeks.
    Hey Wind, I was going over that old post of yours when you were talking about mold in the house after the flood. I just learned abut something really great. It's called Oxine. Folks have been using it to keep their flocks and other animals healthy from upper respiratory problems. They spray it in the coops and barns to keep mold and other things down. Then I saw that it is good for people too. Look it up. Read up on it. You may want to spray it in your home. Better than breathing in bleach, but works as well if not better. Just a thought after I saw your new post to Rain. Where is she anyway??
    RAIN>>>Where Are You??? Think she heard me?
    Well, best get off. I sit a whole lot better now than I used to, but still get sore sitting in one spot for a while. My neck gets tired.
    Love to all..Cynthia