Cystic breast?

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  1. billiegail

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    I have a big problem with cyst on the sides of my breast and under my arm pit. They hurt and my breast get very tender and sometimes swollen.
    The cyst under my arm pit are hard and painful. The ones under my breast and on my breast are fluid filled like.
    Do any of you have this problem and is it related to FM or should I consider other options.
    I had a mammogram done, but no word from my doctor. The Tech said it was ok.
    My aunt (mom's sister) has pre-cancer cells and may have to have her breast removed later she says.
    Should I worry about that. My doctor says I should, but he is not being any help! I have called and left three messages for a return phone call and nothing so far.
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    They hurt so bad! I have had painful, fibrocystic, breasts most of my life BUT NOT PAIN LIKE THIS. It seemed like I used to keep the pain in control by cutting out chocolate and coffee BUT now with this DD it has gotten so much worse. I had a mammogram and an ultrasound done for one cyst my gyn was concerned about. Then, I was sent to a surgeon and he told me it was a 'simple cyst' and nothing to worry about - if I wanted I could have it aspirated (sp?). He also said 'don't worry it's not cancer because if it was it wouldn't hurt' - don't know if I believe that or not. I'm still worried to death because the lymph nodes under my arms hurt something terrible. I hope your doc gets back to you soon with his advice. Try not to worry until he says you have something to worry about - I know that's easier said than done. :)

    Sharon L
  3. fibrorebel

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    I, too,have had fibrocystic prob.for years and also it has got a great deal more painful since this D.D. I also have had a problem with swollen lumps underarm, turns out that it usually happens when I have a major acne breakout (times when the toxic junk is trying to get out of the body.) The last time was so bad that I had to take anti-biotics as it had caused a severe infection in my lymph glands. I have now come to the conclusion that my deoderant was trapping in the toxins. Actually none of us should use the deoderants as they contain aluminum etc., I realize this is one of those tough situations when most of us are sweating now more than we ever did pre-illness. Keep up your efforts to connect with your doc as you deserve to have your questions answered. Hope you get answers soon.
    love, Rebel
  4. billiegail

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    The strangest things are in our deodorants and other products. Thanks for letting me know about it. I will continue to use them (hehe) but I will start looking for a natural way to prevent this sweating. Really hard to do now that I have had a hysterectomy.
    By the way........
    lumps that are cancerous can be painful. That doctor has no idea what he is talking about.
    I'd get a second opinion.
    God bless and good luck
  5. Dara

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    in both breasts. I've had this for over thirty years now. They use to get so sore I would actually cry when I would take my bra off. But, after having my hysterectomy, I still have the fibroids but no more pain from them. Every once in a while if I try sleeping on my stomach I have a problem with discomfort, but nothing like before.

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    I can't believe someone else is experiencing this. My breast are swollen and so tender now everyday, They hurt all the time. I started thinking maybe I am going into pre menopause? Could this be it?> Or is this part of FMS like you said or something else? There are so many symptons and it seems new ones keep coming up or are they something else?
    I don't know. Does your doctor say it could be related to FMS?

    Tender Toosies...
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  7. Sindy-Uk

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    I have had fibrocystic breast disease for a long time. When I was 18 I had a cyst in left breast. They took the cyst out. At 20 I had a cyst in both breasts, again taken out. At 26 another one in right breast, again taken out. At 31 another in left breast, again taken out. For some reason in those days they used to think that a benign cyst could get malignant if not removed. Luckily I have not had one in the last 11 years, but my breasts always feel so tender and sore for most of each month. Also my lymph nodes under the left arm are always tender. Even without touching I tend to get a lot of pain in left side of the breast and arm. It is always very painful to try and examine both breasts. My dad's sister had breast cancer and she had not had any children. I have not had any children either. I think I read somewhere that women who have not had children are more at risk of getting breast or cervical cancers.
    Was the mammogram painful? I have been told that lumps that hurt usually aren't maligmant but it is better to make sure. I hope you get the results soon and hope everything will be ok. Please let us know how you get on and I know it is hard but try not to worry.
    Best wishes,
  8. MemoryLane

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    I used to work in a Breast Center and even performed Mammograms (I was gentle). I learned a lot from that experience and we stressed to our patients never take anything for granted. This has been a problem for many years and as far as I can tell, still is. Women had grown so accustomed to the lumps and bumps in their breasts, that they started to ignore them, sometimes with deadly results. Much the same way we can do harm to ourselves, by assumming everything is related to our DD.

    PLEASE, DO NOT relate these particular symptoms of Fibrocystic breast disease to your CFIDS/FMS. Never ignore new symptoms in either case - get it checked out.

    Now, about the deordorants - You can find deodorants at the health shoppes, made from mineral salts that at least control odor. I do not know if they control perspiration.

    Just some thoughts,

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  9. MemoryLane

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    In my experience, by the time some cancers can be seen on a mammogram, they are about the size of small pea and have already been there about ten years. There are exceptions to this, of course, as many cancers are aggressive, such as Inflammatory breast cancer, which is one of the few cancers that is also bilateral.

    Most breast cancers start out only on one side, are estrogen aggravated and will usually cause dippling or distortion in the skin or nipple as it pulls, tentacle-like, on the connective tissues from underneath. They are most often irregular in shape, so they are a little more obvious than the more uniformly round cysts on films.

    Incidentally, in fibrocystic breast disease you have the two aspects. There are the fluid filled cysts, which are sometimes tiny cysts in clusters like grapes and very difficult to drain with fine needle aspiration. Then there are the fibrous knots of tissue, which can not be aspirated and sometimes have to be biopsied for safe measure.

    You should always be concerned when there is a combination of palpable lumps and lymph node involvement which will occur under the arm first, then spread to the collar bone area and sternum (breast bone) - a spill over effect. This is a sign of a major infection and you should seek medical attention. This is why they always film the oblique view of the underarm area on mammograms - in part to check for lymph involvement.

    Minor lymph node swelling under the arm will occur with any type of wound on that arm and respective quadrant of the body, but this still signals a sign that an infection is being fought and should be monitored.

    Hope this is helpful,

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  10. gone2pot

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    My fibrocystic breasts ended when I used Progesterone topical cream as prescribed by my Doc. who agreed to try it to treat hot flashes and sleep disruption. I used the cream for approx. a year or so and to date (2 years later) I still do not have cystic breasts. There is a theory about Estrogen dominance being responsible for the problem. You might want to check it out on the net or at your local library. Good Luck!

  11. Stillkicking

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    I had fibrocystic breast disease for many years and had a large growing lump I was afraid it was cancerous. Waiting for ultrasound I started taking a lycopene w/Vitamine E made by Twinlabs (other brands are probably just as good). I didn't notice anything the first month, but by the end of the second month the lump was gone and so were other lumps and most soreness. Lycopene is highly effective against prostrate cancer and cardiovascular disease. Researchers are looking at it for use against many other cancers. It's not expensive and a antioxident with no side effects.
  12. meandyou

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    I saw your message and had to respond. I have had those fiber cystic breasts since I was a young girl. It is painful at times . I check them ,but can't really tell if the cysts are normal or not. My cysts are inside and they hurt and really act up when I am getting my period and the armpits get really sore as well. My dr tells me there isn't any thing to take for them, so I am just in pain when it happens. There are many of us out there who have this lovely problem. I hope this makes you feel a little less alone. Take care.


  13. billiegail

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    I feel like I have attended a class that I really enjoyed and learned so much from.
    Thanks again!