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  1. DebP

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    Hello everyone, I have been reading the boards alot lately and I keep seeing the word "Cystitis" come up...What exactly is it?? I have never heard the word anywhere but here and I really have no idea what it is??
  2. Mikie

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    Typically a bladder infection.

    Love, Mikie
  3. DebP

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    Thanks Mikie for the prompt post on Cystitis....who would have thought it was a bladder infection...duuhhhh, yes im a

  4. pam_d

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    Cystitis is actually a urinary tract inflammation, rather than an infection. It (unfortunately) isn't helped by antibiotics the way an infection is-----too bad, that's why it's so difficult to deal with! A lot of FM/CFS seem prone to chronic cystitis, or irritable bowel syndrome, or both. There is another post right now that speaks to what success (or lack of) folks here have had with cystitis treatments, it's a tough one!


  5. TerriM

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    It was my understanding that there are different types of Cystitis. So called "honeymoon cystitis" is a bladder infection and Interstitial (sp?) Cystitits is a bad inflammation of the bladder that is Chronic & very painful. The second type is a mast-cell disorder of the bladder. Mast cells are the immune system cells that line parts of the body that are in contact with the outside world and they produce histamine & other chemicals. Hope this helps . . . Terri
  6. donnadb

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    Hi Deb,
    You may have seen a few of my reference to interstitial cystitis on the board lately. IC is a totally different disease than cystitis. IC is an incurable disease of the bladder which is NOT caused by infection but rather, chronic inflammation of the lining of the bladder characterized by intense pain, frequency, urgency and some experience other related symptoms. You cannot CURE IC and it is not treated with antibiotics. There is actually only one FDA approved drug to treat it which is Elmiron. Other meds are given to relieve symptoms. It's a constant nightmare!!