Cystoscopy and residual Pain

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  1. mermaid01

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    I have F M, I have been seeing the same Rheumatologist since 1994; my pain is chronic and unrelenting.
    In November 2007 I saw a urologist because of blood in my urine and I thought I had a bladder infection, he did an ultra-sound & Cystoscopy , both tests were normal. Since that procedure I have had problems with pain, pressure low in my pelvic area. It feels like I have to go to the bathroom all the time. Lately it has been much worse, it hurts to walk (groin area) and the discomfort is constant. Is it possible that these symptoms are now a result of my F M? Could it be that I am overly sensitive to pain from the Cystoscopy and now it is chronic?
    I am very miserable and feel like maybe it is all in my head. I am going to see my Rheumatologist early April but my discomfort is overwhelming, so I thought I would ask for more information so I can better inform my Dr. when I see him, I only have a short time with him once a year so I want to use my time wisely.
    Do other people with FM experience the same things after unpleasant Cystoscopy? Are urology problems a part of
    Thanks for any help you can be. Carol, Priest River ID

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    I had a cystoscopy today and I am in a lot of abdominal pain. I always have discomfort in my abdomen because of irritable bowel but it's unusually painful today. He did have me take a Cipro, an antibiotic post the procedure to make sure I don't get a bladder infection from the catheterization. He also had me take Peridiem to help to stop the bladder spasms & that is obviously NOT working. I don't know if it's because of fibro but fibro does set off the pain signals faster than other people. I have to say though that this urologist is rough. I had my first exam w/him two weeks ago and he was rough then but I thought he'd be ok w/a cystoscopy. He also examined me again today. I had to preface his procedure & test today to let him know that I have lichen sclerosis at the top where you labia meet. It splits very easily & he left me bloody last time & asked that he be more gentle today. He agrees & then is immediately like a bull in a china shop. Ouch!

    I am just happy that the next test, urodynamics, is done by a nurse. I hope a nurse will understand that they need to be gentle. The doc today said that he might want me to have the urodynamics twice, once w/taking my Ditropan as usual an once w/o being on the medication for a certain # of days. I had a complete hysterectomy when I was thirty secondary to endometriosis. It's now been twenty-five years and everything is not where it should be. My bladder is flopping into the vaginal wall and right inside my vagina. I don't understand why they do not just re-attach everything when they do the hysterectomy in the first place. It would save, for me, fifteen years on being on Ditropan and I just found out that the Ditropan and meds like it can weaken the walls of the bladder and vagina. I never saw that in the paperwork before I started it.

    So, the bottom line is that fibro is probably the reason for the cramping being so uncomfortable, painful and longer lasting than others.
  3. mermaid01

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    dolsgirl, all I could think of when you were explaining what you went through with the doctor was "tell him", write a letter to him and copy to anyone that is in his office or who might be in charge of him! Explain the whole ordeal, especially his manner after you told him of your condition. Then find another doctor right away.

    How long ago did you have a hysterectomy? If it is only a year or two you might look into whether or not the surgeon's made a mistake by not attaching your bladder back to ? You may have a case as far as getting them to do the job right in the first place. We have to be more proactive! I do not mean legal action (unless it is warranted) but don't take bad doctoring without making sure more than that doctor knows what he is doing. You are not the only one who is getting that treatment from him.....if only people would write letters : (

    Thank you for responding; it was important!
  4. tandy

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    so sorry your having alot of pain.
    I think its enough for one to be dealing with fibro alone,
    and when you have other things going on it can be overwhelming.
    I think the next step would be your Gyno.

    I have all your complaints/symptoms including blood in my urine. I do have Endometriosis so i'm thinking my bladder issues may be related to that. ??

    at any rate,... I'm about to get checked by a urologist too. I had a cystoscope done many yrs ago so I don't remember much about it. I was put under for it.

    Was your dr./ urologist knowledgable in Interstitial Cystitis? (IC for short)
    I've done some research on this bladder disease and think I may have that. You could very well have it yourself. If you have'nt looked that up yet,.. please do.
    Hope this helped some~
    Give a holler if you have any other questions, I'll try to help~
    theres a site called the ic network thats very informative on IC.

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