Cysts and Acne

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tannat, Apr 28, 2003.

  1. tannat

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    Does anyone eles have a problem with cycsts? I keep getting them in my groin area and under my arms. My surgeon can't give me a good reason why I get them, but I have had to have 3 of them removed because even after having them drained they kept filling up. I had one under my arm that was about the size of a grapfruit.

    I had a MRI done when I had the big one, thinking that maybe it was pressing on a nerve, causing the numbness and tingling in my hand. Of course I know now that the tingling and nubmness is a FM symptom.

    There are so many little things going on, but I am slowly starting to be able to connect them with the FM.

    Also, is anyone dealing with acne? I have always attributed it to my cycle, but I am starting to pay more attention and it seems to be worse when the pain is worse.

  2. tansy

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    They only started to develope after going down CFS/FM.

    Acne too can keep appearing.

    Some of this can be attributed to hormonal changes both during the menstrual cycle and now that I've become perimenopausal.

    A lot of poeple find that when they use probiotics their acne improves, if you're not already using these and have gut problems might be worth a try.


  3. tannat

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    What are probotics?? and I do have gut problems - Hyatial (sp?) hernia, GURD, IBS, ect... (I assume this is what you were talking about?)


    PS. The under arm cysts reduced drastically when I switched to Dove anti persperant/deoderant.... found that not shaving makes no differance and I have a closet full of deoderants I can't use! Haven't found anything that works with the groin ones.

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  4. tansy

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    probiotics contain the friendly bacteria that keep all the potential nasties that enter the gut under conrol.

    Stress, chronic infections, antibiotics, steroids etc all reduce the number of these friendly microbes in our gut causing a wide range of GI tract symptoms and effecting our overall wellness.

    There's a lot of posts on this board covering probiotics. Suggest you do a search. Looking at what you describe they would really be worth looking into.



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  5. tannat

    tannat New Member

    Thank you for the information, I will certainly check it out!!

  6. spazmonkey

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    I have one on my bottom that is the size of a plum. It is a kinda fatty tissue. Then i have one underneath the skin in my abdomen too that is huge and kinda hard. It's really gross cause im pretty thin and you can see it popping out of my belly. I also get fluid filled in poors or holes in my skin that become cysts. wierd stuff....
  7. gottalottalove

    gottalottalove New Member

    I have had skin problems for years and have found a new soap bar by Paul Mitchell. It is part of his tea tree line. You can also get products containing tea tree in any health food section or store. It works wonders for my cysts and facial acne. I take baths in it and cleanse with it everyday. Mild enough for my family to use also. It is the only preventative product I have found and really helps during those times of flare. Good luck Tina
  8. spazmonkey

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    I found a deodorant at the Health Food Store that is called Thai crystal. It is a gentle deodarant. the thing is, it doesn't have a scent. It contains mineral salts that kill bacteria. I just found that I have to reapply it often but it contains no harsh chemicals or aluminum which is found in most deodarants.
  9. nancyneptune

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    come to think of it I've had a terrible problem with cysts in the groin area, and the ahem.. butt I didn't associate it with Fibro, but I might have known! Damn this DD.
  10. JaciBart

    JaciBart Member

    My hubby was giving me a coffee enema tonight (lucky guy!!!) and he found a nice big ole zit in my crack right beside my bum hole, sorry to be so gross but how else do you get specific????

    I never used to get these pimple things anywhere like that before, I do get them in my groin area a lot now, mostly where my undies elastic would rub.

  11. Susan07

    Susan07 New Member

    I think we need to start a club - had no clue this might be related to my FM. Mine fill with blood and are "sprayers" when the docs try to drain. The last time I got one my PCP wouldn't touch it - sent me to a plastic surgeon - he wouldn't touch it - he says I need to go to the doc who operated on my hemmrhoids since it was so close to my "bum hole" (lol)!
  12. kredca4

    kredca4 New Member

    I have recently developed Digitil Muscus Cyst's on my finger's, they are hard to the touch and you can see the bumps. I didn't know what they were, till one developed a blister, and the Dr. told me what it was. It's a symptom of Osterosisarthritis (O.A), but the FMS, makes it Hurt a like a , man there is no word for this kind of Pain sometimes.

    I guess having them on your hands is Better than where some of you all get them, Ouch!.
    sorry fibro fogged tonight, and can't spell worth a darn. darn.
  13. tannat

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    well it's good to know I'm not alone! I get ones the size of golfballs along where my undie's elastic is. I have found that shaving/trimming in that area helps some (unless you have problems with in-grown hairs). Dr. says warm moist places tend to get them the most, so I make sure my undies are cotton and if it's hot or humid out I change them often. It helps a bit, but I still get them often!


    PS. these are not pimples.. they do not come to a head. When they drain, they kind of burst and leave a hole about the size of a pencil eraser![This Message was Edited on 04/29/2003]
  14. AC77

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    Might want to rule out Cushing's syndrome. As a precaution. For cystic Acne there is some retinoids I know that have worked wonders for me and pts: Tazorac Gel. Retin-A, and Differin (most mild and very effective) 50mgs of zince with 500mgs of vitamin C later in the day--taken seperate is very helpful too. Good Luck