cytolog: anyone do you think this contains milk in finished prod.

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    cytolog: does anyone think after reading this cytolog is milk. I know some can develope allergies to regular colustrum, the president of lifestar says this is beyon colustrum and NOT colustrum, please read and give me your opinions??? i can't post the site, but anyone who want to dknowcan e mail me, thanks paul mark in KY

    What is Cytolog?

    A: Cytolog is a special concentration of specific low molecular weight peptides normally found in human and animal blood and milk. In Cytolog they are suspended in a fluid carrier and are not freeze dried, dehydrated, spray dried, pasteurized or denatured in any way.

    Q: How is it obtained?

    A: The specific peptides are separated, in a proprietary process, from bovine colostrum in such a way as to allow them to remain in a natural state without the interference or association with other peptides, proteins or any other naturally occurring constituents. Cytolog is manufactured in Northern California in a sterile environment, and in conformance with all requirements of the USA Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, as amended and the general regulations for its enforcement.

    Q: So is it like Colostrum?

    A: Not at all. While it originates from Bovine Colostrum, in it's final stage it is totally unlike colostrum or any other product we know of.

    Q: How does Cytolog work?

    A: Based on numerous clinical and field observations, our developing theory proposes that these specific protein derivatives, induce anti-inflammatory cytokine-type activity by the body allowing the immune system to reorient or correct its response strategy against autoimmune disease processes. In other words, we believe that these peptides induce cellular recovery allowing the cells to relieve, and in many cases cure themselves of their inability to respond naturally to whatever is or has been challenging them.