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    This stuff has so far produced some very encouraging results.

    Beckstar, i`m so sorry - only just found your post to me dated 25th July, but here`s some info if not too late. How are you doing?

    Dosage is four pumps into mouth twice daily, hold there for 20-30 seconds, then swallow. We have ours first thing in the morning and just before bed. Tastes of vanilla & cost £18.40 = $24 for the 2 fl oz bottle. The bottle lasted about four weeks, and has a fridge life of a year.


    For me 48 (very fatigued):- Energy like I would never believe after a week, less foggy, and eradication of sinus (mostly within 24hrs). Sleep well now too.

    My Daughter 18 (CFS):-
    More energy, feeling of well being, Sleeping through the night, and eradication of Sinus & Seasonal Allergy after a few weeks.

    My Father 82 (Osteoarthritis Prostate,& Fatigue):-
    More energy & talkative (lord help us!) after only 2 weeks.

    A Friend 35 (CFS,Chronic Arthritis, IBS, Depression, constant viral infections):-
    Increase in energy and not so depressed - this is her second week.

    I will also bump a post up with a list of diseases it claims to help with too,- for anyone wanting more info.

    Have a read also of the Cellfood topic, this too sounds very promising....

    Last but not least, we have to back this up with a very healthy diet. Cutting out all crap:- basically eating ONLY what comes naturally.
    Dump artificial sweetners, use fruit sugar or stevia, and introduce 1/4 tsp Pure Sea Salt daily.
    Replace white bread/pasta/rice for wholemeal, Replace chocolate, cakes, bikkies & ice cream for Bio Yoghurts ,Honey & Natural Liquorice. I found this hard at first but no longer crave the former,
    Honey is soooo good for you B Vits, antiviral/bacterial etc, and Liquorice is a potent antidioxant, works to protect the cells of the liver and highly recommended for CFS/FM. Bio yoghurt has probiotics so makes a great after dinner treat.
    Try replacing morning tea/coffee with Herbal Teas:- Green Tea (the best), Ginger & Lemon, Blackcurrant etc. etc...
    Take 1 tbsp Flaxseed Oil twice daily (too many benefits to list all)
    Could go on forever...

    Love Pat.

    Just added some info on usage and diet.

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    Please e-mail ProHealth about this product. They are always looking for products which help us.

    Love, Mikie
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    Size 14 right up the rear....

    I was going to wait till others here had also given their experience, as Paulmark (seriously,seriously ill) had only mild improvement in energy levels on this - he`s not been on for 4 days, I wanted to ask him if he`s still on it.

    Love Pat.
  4. sofy

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    I have to say I did not feel one bit different while I took it or after I was finished so I didnt order any more. Im still hoping to fine the thing Im missing.

    Magnesium did it for me with the pain but the fatigue, loss of cognitive, inability to read and just too tired for anything is still elusive.
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    my order eventually arrived. Just 3 doses to date, mouth does not like flavouring but reaction to it (or perhaps the cytolog) no where near as bad as Paulmark's so I'll stick with it for now.

    With hot weather reations kicking in again, and much higher temps to come, it may be difficult to ascertain when any benefits begin.

    If I do benefit it will be interesting to find out which of my problems start to improve since a lot of the many contributory factors in our cases apply to me.

    Even if all it does is to turn around TH1 and TH2 then that in itself would make it worthwhile.

    Will keep you posted.


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    I have a question. I take OLE for a herpes virus. It's great as a preventative supplement (I take one 250mg per day). I haven't had an outbreak since I started on it. My question is, do you take both OLE and Cytolog? Are you taking them for different reasons, or are they overlapping each other? I would give anything for energy at this point! In fact, I'm getting ready to go take my nap now!

    Thanks so much for all your wonderful help to the board.

    Love, Debbie
  7. 600

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    I tried it for a while and I noticed immediately,that it wasn't for me as it made me real weak! I had my wizard muscle-test it on me and it was a no for me. I react to most supplements but I'm doing ok on something new called indium. Info can be found by searching indium.
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  8. PatPalmer

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    I can remember you posting this to me before now, I am interested to hear negative results, to find any differences in our dietry lifestyle.
    I added to my diet Green Tea for the Antidioxants, & other herbal teas, have raw garlic, onions, Ginger, and 2 tablespoons of Flaxseed Oil a day. I seem to remember you said you have a healthy diet.
    I have cut out white bread, pasta, all refined food/sugars and artificial sweetner.
    I think the effectiveness also depends on the individuals health problem.

    Your most recent symptom should be the first to go.
    Have you read my other post on Cellfood? I wonder if that product may help you too.

    How long have you been taking the OLE? They suggest not to use just as a preventative as the body gets used to it.

    We don`t take them at the same time.

    Cytolog has antiviral/bacterial properties, which was proved when my daughter started on Cytolog as she had a virus which soon went, and hasn`t caught anything since ...
    So haven`t used the OLE.
    But we are taking Cytolog for different reasons as I am hoping it will help balance the system at cellular level.

    Yes, Indium sulfate is said to provide enhancement to the pituitary & hypothalmus glands - master hormone producers.
    Sounds good, please keep me posted if it works?
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    I must be doing something wrong......I tried to search this and nothing was found??I typed in Cytolog. I wanted to know more about this~ Any help?? Thanks....... :)
  10. FranWi

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    It's in lozenge form so it disolves in the mouth, I assume. I guess I'll try this first before looking into the cytolog spray, but I did find cytolog for $24 at gaines nutrition.

    Just wondering, how long would 2 oz. last?

    I'd love to find something that could give me energy without being so harsh on my system. And I can't imagine being free of this sinusitis. I think I'd feel a whole lot better just conquering that!


  11. tandy

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    i just checked that website....gainesnutrition....nothing was found~
    Is that the way to find it??can you guide me a bit without putting the whole url here.(its not allowed) thanks~ :)
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    info to the top letter.