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  1. PatPalmer

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    In May, I decided to give Cytolog a try, results were a dramatic improvement of sinus within 24 hrs, and after a week my energy levels went through the roof.

    After 3 weeks I stopped the cytolog as I wasn`t sure if it was this or the new healthy diet/drinking plan.

    The sinus returned 30% but then cleared again and has remained this way - don`t even think about it anymore.

    My energy levels decreased and took to sleeping in the afternoons again, but was still felt some better than before the cytolog.

    So 5 days ago, I started again by having just one squirt instead of the recommended 4 to see if it had any effect.

    In the literature it states that having extra does not improve outcome, so I figured will it also work on less?

    I have worked all day today (been painting the living room) without having to sleep.

    Cytolog definately improves my inner energy levels, and have to add that it is also helping my father suffering with osteoarthritis.

    I had posted an article on this product but is no longer there - If you want to read up on it just type cytolog into a search engine and the info`s all there, - it`s brillient stuff.

    Love Pat.
  2. tansy

    tansy New Member

    that cytolog is helping you again.

    Have you checked out the transfer factor message board on this site? There's one post which asks whether cytolog is better then TF.

    If they work in the same way it would appear long term use is needed so perhaps you need to stay on cytolog for quite a while yet.


  3. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    Is Allergy Research Group still your supplier? I might try Cytolog on my mother(has RA/RVasculitis)as she can't give up the medications, to take the SBOs...Also, I think that it is suppose to be effective with RA..

    Do you know if there are any bad drug/Cytolog interactions..The drug, Coumadin (a blood thinner), is the one that most often interacts, badly, with any herb, but she is also on Prednisone, Imuran (Immune Suppressant) and Embrel (arthritis drug)...

    It is great the hear that you are still doing well...I may have to try Cytolog, indicated it helps with sleep in one of your you not have to take anything for sleep?

  4. beckster

    beckster New Member

    is??? I never heard of it. And what it is for. Thanks.
  5. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    She is in England, so will not be on again, until tomorrow..
    Had an article on this board on it, but she says it is gone..Has helped her a great deal..

    I can say that it is a component of Colostrum..If you do a search on it on the internet, there will be many sources of it..Lifestar, Allergy Research Group, etc. and Lifestar goes into a lot of detail on it..

  6. PatPalmer

    PatPalmer New Member

    Hi Plantscaper, Tansy & Beckstar,

    Plantscaper, Yes ARG are still the supplier as it`s the only one I can get, and they claim it`s not a drug, so there are absolutely no drug interactions whatsoever.
    My father was on several medications for his arthritis & prostate and decided to give the lot up because they made him much worse in other areas. He is now on Glucosamine & Cytolog.
    So as neither of us are on any medication, i`m unable to support the claim.

    Beckstar, Cytolog is a product you spray into the mouth and hold for 20 secs, it tastes of vanilla yummm, and works by absorbtion through the mouth lining.
    It`s information for the cells and promotes cellular recovery by correcting the response strategy against autoimmune disease. It increases deficient platelet count.

    In other words, it`s like a computer programme or virus scanner and puts right what`s gone wrong.
    So it`s helping the body to heal itself. Drugs don`t cure.
    It cost me £18.40 = $24 2oz bottle and lasted over 4 weeks the first time, only now I have reduced the dose and expect it to last 4 months now, so cost isn`t so great...

    Have you considered OLE as treatment for your viral load causing the migrains? Cytolog is an antiviral too so could be as effective.

    Tansy, so glad you have a great eye specialist, makes such a difference to have someone batting for/with you.
    I`ve just read a little about TF, the huge difference is that it`s absorbed through the digestion tract, I imagine the effects can be diluted for anyone with candida and or digestive problems. Sounds very similar stuff, so I prefer the Cytolog route as it`s guaranteed to get there.

    I`ve listed below some of the diseases Cytolog claims to help with, and out of interest I have to tell you that my stepson was playing tennis the other day and had a blister forming on the base of his forefinger, I sprayed it with Cytolog and next day it had practically healed !!! B****y amazing stuff...

    Brown Recluse Spider Bites
    Celiac Disease
    Chronic Pancytopenia (inadequate levels of platelets)
    Crohn's Disease
    Diabetes (type II)
    Fibromyalgia Rheumatica
    Pediatric Guillain Barré Syndrome
    Multiple Sclerosis #1
    Multiple Sclerosis #2
    Perth's Disease
    Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Sjogren`s syndrome
    Viral Respiratory Infection
    Spinal Muscular Atrophy (Werdnig-Hoffman's Disease)
    Plantar Warts
    Poison Ivy

    Will keep you posted on our experiments here, my daughter 18, travelled by train 6 hrs to Scotland this week to stay with a friend she met on her AYME site, not something she could have done before her OLE and Cytolog days, so major changes here.

    Hope you`re having a good day today,

    Love Pat.
  7. PatPalmer

    PatPalmer New Member

    Poor you - it`s been absolutely baking, no wonder you`re passing out.

    The pain you experience sounds to me like you have no lining as such, I guess you`ve been on probiotics, but have you tried bio yoghurt and increasing your Omega 3s?

    2 tablesps of Flaxseed Oil a day should help enormously.

    I can`t see Cytolog doing you any harm whatsoever, specially as it`s dispensed in the way provided.
    Could be worth a shot as it claims to cure Crohns disease and all viral/bacterial infection so would surely help you with this. You may not even need the OLE.

    Dawn was coming down with a virus the very day she started on Cytolog, she refused the OLE and recovered within 3 days!!! - would normally wipe her out for weeks.

    If you are a member of an ME charity, you get 25% discount on anything bought through the Nutricentre in London, postage is £1.75 for orders under £50, so could be worth making the most of that.

    Love Pat.
  8. tansy

    tansy New Member

    for so much useful info again.

    I do take flax seed oil and find it helps, couldn't tolerate the fish oils and the research I did manage to do indicated it would help, I've been using it for years now. However, I've been using capsules so will go back to the liquid form; thanks hadn't thought of that.

    I feel things in that area are really bad and I have to do something now so I've already ordered some cytolog, can't do any more harm than supposedly safe food has been doing. If it works as well for me, even in just this area, it will help everything else too. Thanks for that extra info on the nutricentre.

    My son's going to try OLE just to clear any residues. He's so impressed with how he feels on probiotics, colustrum, ZMA, and another supplements plus one to boost his testosterone. The Atkins diet helps him too. He's dealing with life's stresses so well now, physically and emotionally.

    Realise I need to check DHEA, cortisol, and hormones too. Kept waiting for 24 hour saliva test kit to arrive, then rang them today - e mail had not gone through but they are sending me one. Also going to see if I can borrow a blood pressure reader to check for NMH, my son shows signs of this too and it seems to be a major part of my reactions to heat. When I find out what the results are I can then decide what to do about it.

    Like so many of us I'm severely restricted financially as well as physically. You and others have come up with so much that costs a lot less. If we all achieve major improvements just think of the potential, it won't matter whether doctors are prepared to treat us, we can treat ourselves. Personally I prefer it that way.



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  9. PatPalmer

    PatPalmer New Member

    Wow, didn`t expect you to have ordered it already, who`s your supplier and how much?

    You`d have to take 18 Flax capsules for the right amount, -liquid is so much cheaper for the quantity needed. After meals I usually have a good swig then chase it down with some milk - can`t taste it then.

    I`m glad your son has improved so much, it`s a stress to have children down with this DD. They can miss out on so much, it`s not often we have good news.

    Please let us know when your Cytolog arrives, I take mine first thing in the morning and last at night for maximun benefit.
    Well, took it at 10.30 and went to bed, but can`t sleep so am on here again.
    I love this board, it`s hard to stay away.

    Love Pat.
  10. beckster

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    reply. I think I will try this. Nothing to lose.