CYTOLOG :- Recovery - Huge improvement in energy....

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by PatPalmer, May 26, 2003.

  1. PatPalmer

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    Well , I can`t believe this myself.

    At first, almost two weeks ago, my sinus congestion improved dramatically, and since then my fatigue didn`t seem so bad.

    But yesterday I felt full of beans and did absolutely loads with just a short 15 min nap in the afternoon. I expected to pay for it today but woke this morning with such a light feeling I was up at 6am before I realised what I was doing!!! That was like the middle of the night to me at one time,- never up before 9-10am.

    Today I feel fantastic, the congestion has now COMPLETELY gone and i`m running around the house like a blue ars fly... as they say.

    I expect you`re bored to death with this but I have also been on Flaxseed Oil, Green Tea amongst some, Digestive Enzymes (just before food). I have almost completely cut out chocolate, white bread and pasta - have liquorice & wholemeal bread instead. I also try and have fresh garlic and onions in meals every day too.

    The only problems that remain with me are IBS and my stiff/achy joints. Though getting up after sitting a while doesn`t seem quite so bad, but still there, maybe that needs longer.
    The impossible can be achieved - Miracles take longer.... I`m expecting miracles!!!

    I have started on the OLE again for the Candida and am going to increase my salt intake (the pure unrefined sea salt type)- comes in flaky crystals, to see if that cures the inflammation in the joints (erodes the crystal build up apparently)...

    Dawn my daughter also on Cytolog, had a foot operation 4 wks ago and has had to stay off her feet completely till last week.
    Her sinus, once a permanent problem comes and goes and she seems much better within herself too, though she has a product "Beconase" spray for her nose which she used the other day so can`t be certain if this helped. I will know if it is the Cytolog in summer when the pollen count is at it`s height, and the Beconase stays in the drawer...

    Just wanted to let you know it`s going well, Amelia, did you catch my reply to you yesterday?

    Hope you are all having a better day today,

    Love Pat.

  2. tansy

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    This is great news, well done you.

    Your new found energy must feel amazing.


  3. Cin

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    That is absolutely wonderful. Congratulations on feeling better. Please keep us updated on your progress. :)