CYTOLOG - Sinus 80% better after ONE DAY

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by PatPalmer, May 15, 2003.

  1. PatPalmer

    PatPalmer New Member

    I really can`t believe this but my sinus has dried up considerably, I CAN BREATH AGAIN.

    The airways feel so open and clear - it`s weird.
    Still some congestion in the background further back, - (I know, but it`s hard to explain without being gross).
    Still clearing my throat some too.

    Dawn is still flat out asleep so I can`t report on how she is today yet, but I am so excited I couldn`t wait to let you know..

    For anyone who hasn`t seen my other post & article on Cytolog, it`s on the previous page somewhere.

    Be on again later


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  2. stillafreemind

    stillafreemind New Member

    I am so excited for you! I am curious if you have sleeping problems. The reason I because I am wondering if you will have a better sleep now that your sinuses are improving.

    Thank you for being brave and stepping up to the plate on this..I know I really appreciate it. And I really appreciate you keeping us updated!

    Have a great day Pat...Sherry
  3. PatPalmer

    PatPalmer New Member

    Sherry, I always used to have a problem sleeping, - waking at the sound of a pin drop, which did improve with magnesium.

    I forgot to take the magnesium recently and have to say I slept really well last night. I feel as if my sleep had been deeper, though one never can be sure, but I felt better on waking for a change.

    For everyone,

    My sinus is even better than this morning, i`d say 90% improvement now. The heavy congestion has cleared and my head also feels lighter. - Sounds like an advert, and I can`t believe it myself...
    Though my head and body has felt as though i`m in a lift all day, - very odd sensation. My energy levels were definately better today. - But was knackered by 5.30 and had 2hrs in bed, i`m still tired but better within if you can understand that.

    My daughters sinus has improved too, though she went to bed last night with a high temperature and sore throat, - which was still there this morning. I went to work leaving her on the sofa with quilt, drinks & food to keep her going while I was out, she`s 18.
    Normally she`d be holed up for days with a viral attack, but when I got home she was up and about, no temp and the throat much better?....

    So i`m absolutely gobsmacked, Cytolog is the only addition to our daily supplements and results so far are nothing short of incredible. I`m beginning to believe it`s a wonder cure, but time will tell. When my fatigue and stiff achy joints improve and Dawn is out every day, I can say it`s so.

    Keep you posted tomorrow

    Love Pat.

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  4. CelticLadee

    CelticLadee New Member

    Hello Pat,
    I just read your update & I am very pleased to hear how things are going for you and your daughter. This really does seem promising. I know we shouldn't get our hopes up too high but it is hard not to when things are improving so quickly. How wonderful you have 90% improvement in your sinus condition. Now that is something to rejoice over! The lift feeling you are getting... is that like a sense of wellbeing? Amazing your daughter is recooping so quickly which as you said is not the usual. You both must be smiling by now.

    I look forward to hearing more over the next week. Hoping you will continue to do better.
    My best to you. CLD
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  5. PatPalmer

    PatPalmer New Member

    Thank you, It`s not so much a lift feeling but just lighter inside, not so heavy within.
    I knew I was tired coming home but it didn`t affect my driving, my mind was still alert.

    This is weird.


  6. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    I hope you continue to feel good on this new discovery...I find that I still have "flu-like" or feverish symptoms, when I try to do "what normal people can do"..or, actually just trying to catch up and do more work has resulted in the above..been trying to garden a lot more, lately..and always, been exceedingly exhausted..

    The sinus symptoms, for me, have continued to be helped by the OLE..and am using the Oregano Oil for days also helps with the sinus symptoms..

    Does this product help you with the extreme exhaustion based on trying to be "normal" again? I hope you have found the "mecca" or "golden grail" of our problems, so we can join society, again.

  7. PatPalmer

    PatPalmer New Member

    Where`ve you been, missed you.

    Yes, it`s so hard not to try and catch up on all the jobs on good days, knowing full well what to expect the next, we never learn... I love pottering around the garden, it`s so theraputic. We have a small lawn and I wizzed round with the push mower yesterday, collapsed later for a sleep.

    I have no idea what to expect with this Cytolog, I liked what I read on the website and thought I (or should I say we) gotta try this one.

    Dawn and myself had some relief for sinus on OLE, but would never completely clear. - I wonder if it helps but only to a point where only an efficient immune system can completely eradicate it?

    It`s been such a joy to breath normally today, my head feels so much lighter.
    Dawn still has the problem though not as bad as it was. She currently has a virus and refuses to take the OLE now, because she wants to see if the Cytolog helps deal with it instead. - I guess we wouldn`t know otherwise so this will be very interesting.

    Earlier, she was getting quite congested, and I have noticed it has eased after having her dose of Cytolog. I felt a slight improvement within 10 mins on the first day, then much more after an hour... It was amazing.

    This week I started to include garlic and onions daily into our diet, and have also ventured on herbal teas:- Green Tea, Ginger & Lemon and Blackcurrent & Echinacea. They`re an acqired taste!

    It`s nice to hear from you again, I hope you had a good day today.

    Love Pat.

  8. PaulMark

    PaulMark New Member

    Pat: i knew it would help some, i'm glad really truly,
    i'm just opposite it helps my extreme MS like muscle weakness, stiffness, andmy erractic diet and binging aint't helped yes beat me up i do that to myself though

    but i must decide if the excacerbation of that syptom you all get sick of hearing the sandpaper dry dry fire ants like burnign biting tingling 24 hrs. a day for 5 yrs. is worht it

    i told others on my e mail i feel like the rich man in hell aksing for a drink of water only water don't touch my thirst of nothign releives the symtpom except when i take meds at bedtime,

    here is what Joe bentlye said BUT It is still boviine derived yet on ALLCAT allergyy food test milk was mild sensivite not moderate or severe and oddly enough casein was - despite my craving for Malt and whipped cream when i go out on a binge i can't get enough

    my guess is the gut is so permealbe and it's our 2nd brain that i've become hypersensivite to about everythign the jc tonic bonnie willimas got kicked off her for helped me some too but had the same effect only worse

    IF you all don't have that top symptom (and i'm not saying your alls sym. are better or wore than mine) just different with us all, i think its worth a shot and NO mikie i 'm not selling anything i'm doing good just to be up

    God bless Pat i hope your daugt. gets better i think she will or pray for it PM
  9. AmyKaiser

    AmyKaiser New Member

    oh i think i love you..
    ill have to look into that...
    daily allegra d isnt good and zyrtec had me not knowing if i was coming or going...
    for some reaons the sinus about my eyebrows is a daily problem altough this months allergies (trees) arent an issue for me...

    PS i wonder how long the good results are for..
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  10. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    It's nice to have some time to putter around the garden...and I have heard you guys have some really nice gardens in England..

    I finally stopped my diet coke habit and only drink green teas, lemonade (from fresh lemons and stevia), and water, now..Can't have the fruit juices due to insulin resistance...

    I noticed that you said your daughter has PCOS on a post with that subject...I think I have had that for a long time, having all the symptoms and insulin resistance..Is she on drugs to help counteract the IR? I am suppose to be tested, soon, for that, but just with a PCP, and not sure what testing is needed..There just seems to be so many different problems that many of us have...hope she has been helped at such a young age..

    Do you think that the Cytolog helps you more or in different ways than the OLE? with the sinus, it seems you think so..Is it helping in the way of more energy, and possibly in an antiviral sense? When I push myself, I still end up with a fever, and complete exhaustion and it takes me, sometimes from a day to 3 days to get back to my prior state, depending on how bad I have droven myself...

    Missed talking to you very much,
  11. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    Bumpety Bump!
  12. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    How goes it over there?!

    I seem to be addicted to this message board..need to get more work done...elsewhere..

    Have you noticed any more positive effects of the Cytolog?.I have done a little reading on it, and if it works, well, to stop the autoimmune processes and be an antiviral (have you noticed that part changing viral loads?), it could do great work..

    I have spent so much on supplements in the last few months (stopped buying drugs, however), that I need to wait for selling of plants, etc. to be able to afford anything else..

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  13. PatPalmer

    PatPalmer New Member

    I`m so sorry , I didn`t think to check this post recently.

    Thank you for your lovely reply, I really feel for you suffering in this way.
    Is there any way you could try taking Olive Leaf Extract sprinkled in with some food?
    I know this always makes those badly afflicted worse at first, but if you just have 1/2 capsule every few days at first, specially in with food, it lessens the effect.

    You need to kill off the bacteria/virus/fungi you are riddled with. Things won`t improve till you do something here.

    Hi, missed you. As you can see, we are on a good run at present - but not sure if I can attribute it solely on the Cytolog.
    At the same time on starting this, I cut right back on refined sugars and have embarked on drinking herbal teas ie:- Green tea, Lemon & Ginger, Blackcurrent & Echinacea.
    I also try and have fresh garlic and onions every day too,- these are so good for the blood. I think if we look after the blood, it`s half the battle.

    So glad you have kicked the coke habit, that`ll help you no end. The herbal teas take a bit of getting used to, I quite enjoy them now...

    I have much more energy and feeling of well being. Sleep has been fantastic this last week, I wake and feel I have slept deeply and have actually wanted to get UP at 6.30 every day which was just impossible before. My mental thinking is clearer too. - Still have the 10% sinus & throat clearing which comes & goes.
    I still get very stiff after sitting at the PC after any length of time, so am contemplating Glucosamine Supp`s for the joints.

    I think finding the right combination of supplements where each do a job and support one another is the way to go.
    I`m still a great believer in Olive Leaf, I see it recommended all over the place on different health sites for all kinds of conditions.

    My favourite for colds/flu is the one by Higher Nature, which has a combination of OLE,Echinacea,Black Elderberry & Myrrh. It`s fantastic for ALL respiratory/ear/throat ailments too and isn`t expensive either.

    As for my daughter, the Cytolog didn`t have the same dramatic effect on her congestion, it helped some but she had a virus erupt at the same time we started which did clear after a few days without the OLE... which was interesting.
    But she still needed help for her nose.
    She was recently given Beconase nasal spray by the GP for the seasonal congestion, and it`s worked a treat. It shrinks the sinus glands or something along those lines - I can definately recommend that one.(Amy, maybe this`ll help you too.)

    Dawn has also felt better in herself recently, her spirits are lifted,is sleeping well and able to concentrate on her studies.
    She also restricted her refined sugar and carb intake, and has now started on the Atkins diet this week.
    Had an operation on her foot a month ago, and has a weight problem too, - this is her way of controlling it while on crutches as she can`t go far.. She has lost 6lb in three weeks... - 2 1/2 st to go.

    We`ve only been on the cytolog for two weeks now, - be interesting to see if there is further improvement in another two.

    In answer to your question Amelia about Dawns PCOS, she was on the pill for 4 months, but took herself off it in March because she said she didn`t "feel" right, - but has been regular and not so painful since.

    I do apologise for not replying sooner, maybe my head isn`t so good after all...

    Take care, & have a good day,

    Love Pat.

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  14. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    from the OLE, because I was so sensitive to it..and it still helps me in many ways...but the exhiliration has worn that just an initial experience?

    I have wondered if people who do not "herx" will benefit from it, as I have heard some remark that they experienced no benefits, and some said they never herxed on it..

    But then, Morton Walker indicated that many people do not herx...Since that was not my experience, what do you tell people? Do you tell them to stay on the OLE until positive gains are realized? That is what I have stated, but wanted your feedback on it...

    I still have a lot of fatigue and experience flu-like, feverish symptoms, when I push much..Has the Cytolog helped in that area?

    Take care, PatPalmer,
  15. PatPalmer

    PatPalmer New Member

    I think if someone has been on Olive Leaf Extract for 6 weeks and felt no reaction or benefit at all - their problem could lie elswhere.

    But having said that it`s interesting that Mikie only herx`s when she comes OFF the ABX (Antibiotics), I find that somewhat back to front!
    I think it could be that her immune system has now reached a stage of repair that it can take over, she is on some great supplements.

    Dawn had Mycoplasma and did not herx, bar a headache, but her energy levels increase dramatically within 6 wks.

    I took OLE and had a headache, "must have been killing off candida as I have IBS" my energy levels improved, and has significantly since I started the Cytolog.

    I was running around like a headless chicken this morning, crashed on the sofa for an hour at 4pm, and don`t feel too bad, I don`t have the post fatigue lingering, and could even go out for the evening.... (not dancing though)
    I can remember being wiped out for days after overdoing it.

    You have suffered this god awful illness for over 23 years, it`s very deep seated. - So may take a bit longer for things to rectify themselves.
    I think your flu like post fatigue will only improve as your health and sleeping do. So stop overdoing it and give yourself a break.
    I can`t remember what supplements you are taking, & have you altered to a no processed low sugar diet?
    I`m sure this is what has also helped me.

    If you are thinking of trying the Cytolog, - if you buy direct over the net from the Cytolog people, they guarantee a full refund + shipping costs (on return of the used or part used pump) if it hasn`t worked for you.

    Can`t say fairer than that.

    Chat again soon

    Love Pat.

  16. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    I have gone to several websites, but don't know exactly the one you are making reference to..I am talking about fatigue which may be related to untreated viruses, or Adrenal Insuffiency, Neurotoxins, etc. which I need to start working on next..

    Remember, even though, Mikie has been on the ABX, and a lot of supplements (for over a year), she still remarked that fatigue was still a big factor...I just wondered if the Cytolog would help in the area of fatigue, and I noticed that it is suppose to be an antiviral...

    Need to go out for awhile, so catch you probably tomorrow,
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  17. PatPalmer

    PatPalmer New Member

    Aaahhhhh, it`s antiviral, missed that bit. That`ll explain how Dawn got over her sore throat and temp without using the OLE,- thanks.

    To find the site it`s the usual stuff before and after the word Cytolog.
    It comes up as "The official Cytolog Infopeptide information centre."

  18. skychomper

    skychomper Member

    Im so happy that you can breathe again! that is great news that you are feeling better! my sinus' have been under control with the OLE even though I still have that congestions in the background that you were talking about.
    cytolog sounds really great. and I think it was your post about the lemon balm-its added to the OLE I take, and that seems to be why it was helping me, but making me really tired, so either just before bed I will take it, or just get the pure OLE. anyway, great news about your improvements-thats wonderful!
  19. lucky

    lucky New Member

    on OLE. I started taking it about one month ago 250 mg 3x times daily. And when I ran out, I realized that there was quite a difference with my allergies which were just becoming unbearable again. So, I rushed out, got OLE 500 mg and have been taking it 3x daily since Thursday.
    My question is, how long does one have to take the OLE, does it have to taken continuously, or does one have to stop for a little while? I have the feeling, however, that I am more irritable than normal, is this possible and can OLE be the reason?
    I believe that I have a mycoplasma infection because I not only developed diverticulitis but also walking pneumonia during the past months. But, I am looking more into that, since my doctor refused to give me anymore antibiotics for the pneumonia since my mycoplasma test was inconclusive. But, I am getting a second opinion also. If nothing, the OLE really helps with the allergies at the moment, and I am gardening for hours which usually is not possible.
    Would appreciate your input, thank you, Amelia. Lucky
  20. lucky

    lucky New Member

    could you pls. explain to me what Cytolog is. Thank you. Never heard about it.
    Sincerely, Lucky