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    CYTOLOG - there has been much talk about this product, i've been using it pluses and minuses i can't pinpoint what many times exacerbated my top symptom of sandpapery dry dry fire ant like biting tingling burning of the tongue mouth throat nad chest

    A good friend from this board e mailed this EXCELLENT question as she is very adept at researching the TH1/th2/ shift in CFS

    ANyway with good knowledge of immune modulators PLEASE read and respond thanks Paul mark

    end to me)
    the TH1/TH2 immune system dysfunction that plagues us, and wonder if the Cytolog is enhancing the TH2, which is already in overdrive - NK cells, etc. is it an immodmulating peptide??
    1. Aren't we supposed to be pursuing a modulator that shifts us AWAY from the TH2 over-activation, and enhances the TH1 side? Those are manufactured in the colon, right? "B" lymphocytes? My brain is simply NOT absorbing the information....I get so confused sometimes!

    THIS IS FROM Q and A’s on lifestar site:
    How does Cytolog work?
    2. A: Based on numerous clinical and field observations, our developing theory proposes that these specific protein derivatives, induce anti-inflammatory cytokine-type activity by the body allowing the immune system to reorient or correct its response strategy against autoimmune disease processes. In other words, we believe that these peptides induce cellular recovery allowing the cells to relieve, and in many cases cure themselves of their inability to respond naturally to whatever is or has been challenging them


    When you use the Cytolog, what you are most likely seeing happen is an immune and inflammatory modulation response by the cells. They're doing something positive and the result is what you are seeing and feeling. I saw something remotely related to it earlier this year. One of my associates here, a very ill scientist that does dark field microscopy with live blood analysis had a lot of body sensations he had never felt before. His interpretation was a clearing out of virus's from his body and the resulting cellular activity that was happening as a result. He became very sleepy, so much he had to take frequent naps for about two weeks as his body changed. He also had discharges of strong smelling fluids out of his skin for a while. His particular challange is not as complicated as yours as he doesn't seem to have a gram negative and yeast load to overcome. The peptides involved are specific to inducing immune responces by specific cells in the body. They can only induce "positive" responses or do nothing at all.

    The peptides that are extracted from the bovine first day colostrum are found naturally occuring in the blood and sera of all mammals, but more concentrated in mammalian colostrum. Getting the peptides from Cow colostrum is easier and more cost effective than from other sources.


    thanks pAUL mARK
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    This is over my head, but am bumping your post back up as it moved to the second page.

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    Take care, and I do hope you have a goodevening!

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Would it be possible to ask Dr. Cheney this question, as he is the expert in this area, and he is your doc?
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    All I can say is that within an hour of when I took my first spray, my congestion cleared 50%. By end of day it was 80%.

    What was it for that to happen?

    Love Pat.
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    Well, I think your sinus symptom improvement can be explained,as allergies are one of the listed treatable ailments in their literature...but unless your fatigue came from that, I don't know what explains the big change in that..

    What bothers me the most is that a representative, who sells Cytolog, indicates that it is not effective for CFS, and he stated that he had CFS..

    Would like to have some input from the most credible source, Dr Cheney, however..

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    this is what lifestar 's ceo and founder e mailed I still don't understand does it modulate th2 and enhance our th1 side many of us have the overactivatio of th2 accordign to the research and tieitalbaum says as many as 70% of us have it, Can anyone comment on this reply from lifestar??

    thanks Paul mar k

    Hi Paul,

    Cytolog doesn't have any known chemical function. It appears to provide immune moduating information to the cell which the cells use to express a natural latent ability they have. The information is frequency related.

    TH1/TH2 pathways as well as other notions about chemical reactions are theories and have no existing reality. No one has actually ever even seen a molecule. The latest information coming out of physics is that atoms may be clouds and not single particles, and come in and out of existance only if there is an observer present to observe.