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    After trying the cytolog for two weeks, I went for a routine dental exam and xrays showed that I had a root broken off of a tooth which had to be pulled. Since I also have low blood platelets (ITP) to go with my FM, I had to see my hematologist to see if it was safe for me to have a tooth pulled. (The information that I had read about cytolog indicated that it would raise low blood platelets) but alas...not for me. My "normal" platelet count is 60K and it was down to 30K. The cytolog was the only thing different that I did. Two weeks of cytolog didn't have a significant impact on my FM symptoms but don't think I can risk trying any longer. ITP is also an immune disorder. I'm still searching for something that will help one without hurting the other.
    Soft hugs to everyone.
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    I`m very confused as to what you are getting at?

    Are you blaming the Cytolog for your low blood platelet count? If so what was the count just before you started it? Are you on any other meds?

    Two weeks in the life of FM is not long enough to expect recovery. I figure the longer you have suffered this illness, the longer it takes to recover.
    On average they say it can take a month for every year once on the right protocol.

    My daughter has been on Cytolog just over 3 wks now, her improvement so far has been in carrying out her studies, her mind is much clearer and sleeps well too now.

    My energy levels have however improved dramatically, I sleep less hours, deeper and am so much more energised. But then I am on OLE, Green Tea etc, Digestive Enzymes, Flaxseed Oil, Onions & Garlic, which all help clear blood disorders too, so not sure if it`s these combined with the Cytolog that has brought about this huge change for me.

    Love Pat.
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    to my post. What I was trying to say was that I think the cytolog may have caused blood platelet drop and I don't dare take it again to find out. Low/no platelets can kill and I don't think that would be a pretty way to go. So many of supplements, foods and drugs have that effect so I need to be very careful.
    I am just disappointed that I couldn't take cytolog long enough to see if I could get a good response for FM symptoms.
    Hope it continues to help you and others.
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    I too am thrombocytopenic but I have been taking moderate doses of colustrum, which cytolog contains, for about four months now. So far there are none of signs I've learnt to recognise of my platelets going down again, but I will know for sure in a few days because I had some blood tests done last week which include a blood count.

    I do understand your concerns, I've had times with very few platelets in the past but fortunately no life threatening problems. Are you in a flare at the moment because my platelets are always much lower when my ESR etc are higher.
    Not had many of these tests done in recent years but in the early days one consultant kept a close eye on my platelet levels. After a period of my CFS being worse they would be lower.