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    I've had CFS for the last two years. Muscle pain, almost total lack of tolerance for exercise, mental fog, etc. I remembered reading that people with CFS and FM have elevated levels of lactic acid, which might be causing the pain. I wondered if there might be something that would reduce the lactic acid levels. I did a google search on "lactic acid reduction" and one of the things it came up with was Cytomax. It's a sports drink made to reduce lactic acid in athletes and give them more stamina. I ordered some and I've been using it for two days now. There has been a dramatic reduction in muscle pain, and a significant increase in my ability to exercise. I could tell it was working within six hours of first taking it. I'm not saying I'm cured, but I've improved greatly. There are probably other things involved in this illness which this won't address.
    Two days ago I went to the grocery store, yesterday I did a little work outside. It would have taken me at least a week of misery to recover before. Today I feel quite well.
    I wasn't going to post this for a while, to see if I keep improving, but so many people are suffering here I just had to let you know about this.
    Cytomax is made by the Cytosport company. Put either one in a search engine, you'll find it. I hope I'm not the only one this stuff will help. I hope this doesn't sound like a commercial. I have no connection with this company.
    Good luck. Chubby
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    I am a cyclist. Some people swear by Cytomax. Other people are rather unenthusiastic. I have a theory that people for whom Cytomax really works have had an electrolyte imbalance. Calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium. Getting the right amount of each is very important. You may have had problems before because you weren't getting the right balance of any one of those in your diet. Also, another thing to keep in mind is that as you exercise more and more, your body increases its ability to flush out lactic acid! Don't go overboard though.

    best of luck,
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    I'm not talking about athletes improving their performance a little bit. I'm talking about people so sick they can't even function. I don't think anyone knows why lactic acid is higher in people with CFS and FM. On their website the peole who make this say they have a patented substance that reduces lactic acid. It's working very well for me, thank goodness I found it. I would have thought someone would be interested in something that could reduce their suffering, but I guess not. Oh well, I tried.
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    Hey Chubby,

    I think I would qualify as "so sick I can't function." I had to give up cycling a year ago. By the way, in case you're interested, there's a long history of athletes taking advantage of drugs, foods, and nutraceuticals designed for the sick (such as you and I). I could list a dozen different substances (some legal, others definitely not) that have crossover appeal.... The point you raised, Chubby, whether on purpose or not, I find to be an interesting one-- the demands of CFS/FM sufferers and those who willingly subject themselves to stress such as endurance athletes is sometimes very similar. Sorry if I sounded like a jerk.

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    I remember wondering about lactic acid a few weeks ago, but it got lost in the brain fog. I have a burning kind of ache in my legs and had wondered if it had anything to do with the lactic acid. I'm headed over to the Cytomax site.
    Thanks so much for the post. Best wishes, Sandy
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    Hi Chubby,

    This stuff sounds very good, thanks for telling us about it. Lactic Acid is a cause of FM pain and i`m all for using natural products in whichever form it comes. Please keep us posted on how you progress, i`m very interested.

    I am printing info from the site to keep for reference too.

    We last spoke when you posted about Tagamet for shingles. Just thought you`d like to know that Mikie the moderator tried it and had the most awful stomach pains.

    I`ve posted about Cytolog which worked wonders for me, but unfortunately not so good for others... So don`t be disheartened by any negativity.

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    Sorry you had to give up cycling. I see what you were saying now in your post. I was thinking, wow, here's this guy who goes out cycling and I have to be careful not to walk around in the house too much. I'll bet he doesn't know what we're going through. But I see you do. I was feeling a little down because there didn't seem to be any interest in my post. I did a search and this stuff hasn't been talked about here before, I hope it works for others too.
    Best regards, Chubby
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