d-ribose and cnadida (yeast)

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    I have read several papers on ribose, and all of the 10/18 posts here. I am wondering if anyone has addressed the issue of ribose, a sugar, possibly causing candida overgrowth. I haven't been able to find any information on that, anywhere in the data. Any help, links, etc. would sure be appreciated.
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    Ribose breaks down into inosine which turns into adenosine which eventually makes its way into ATP. Inosine elevates the antioxidant uric acid (which in people performs a lot more antioxidant action relative to Vitamin C than in most species). The danger from too much uric acid is gout, painful uric acid crystals in the joints. Inosine
    breaks down into adenosine which can then affect inflammation via the adenosine receptors (and sometimes not so positively) [PMID 12947007, 15843045, 15464278]. Purines in general function as a PARP-inhibitor
    [PMID 11149897], protecting DNA from oxidative stress damage and caspase activation. Ribose has been discussed before for fibromyalgia for the way it changes ATP:ADP:AMP ratios governing cellular energy stores [PMID 15537568].

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    Thank you, tcluna, for your prompt reply. And excuse the candida typo!

    My concern is if there are malabsorption or slow absorption
    problems in the gut, would d-ribose be available to candida as a sugar, before it breaks down into inosine.

    It is currently being touted for energy production to alleviate fatigue in CFIDS suffers, but the elvation of uric acid makes it, in my way of thinking, a possible problem that might outweigh it's benefits. As desperate as I am to alleviate my fatigue, I have no desire to create uric acid crystals, or contribute to candida overgrowth. At the high dosages of d-ribose I have seen reccomended, I would think that could be problematic.

    As I am new to this site, could you please tell me what you are referencing in the PMID in parentheses, in your response? Thanks.