D Ribose and Grape Seed Extract

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  1. Kay31

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    I keep hearing that people with CFS and FM had improved greatly by taking these supplements for energy. Like the rest of you, I have tried just about everything. My energy levels are definitely waning and I'm really discouraged.

    Any responses will be GREATLY appreciated.

  2. AuntTammie

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    I take it and have definitely noticed a difference. If I fail to take it, I also notice. On days when I am extremely exhausted I take double what I normally take, and it does help.....however, that said, it is also not a cure by any means....I am still tired and still have all sorts of other symptoms, but it has made a difference....on good days that difference means I can get a little more done and it means that exercise is possible...on a semi-bad day, it means the difference from being able to do a little and doing absolutely nothing....on really, really bad days, I am still stuck on the couch....but at least I am not in bed the whole day on the worst days...of all the supplements I take, it is the one that has made the most noticeable and nearly immediate impact .

    ...one thing I would add, though, is that it probably won't do much good if you don't also take the other supplements involved in the mitochondria's energy producing cycle (if your body isn't making them or absorbing them from food)....those are things like CoQ10, Acetyl L-carnitine, B vitamins, and magnesium.....Dr Sarah Myhill has done a lot of research on this, as have a few others whose names I can't think of rt now....if you google or look on this site's search feature, you might come up with some of her info explaining this better.

    ....I think the methylation (sp?) protocol could make a difference in how well these supplements work, too, but I am not as educated on this as some of the other things....though I should be...there has been a lot of info about that on here, too, and it sounds very solid from what I do know....my foggy brain is making me forget Rich's last name, but he writes on here quite a bit and knows a lot about this
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