d ribose, coq10, magnesium

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    Does anyone take these? I've read these are key to repair mitrocondrial cells for energy I really want to take them but the NHS don't give them where do you get them and have they worked?
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    My cardiologist recommended the above book last week. He says after reading it he now recommends L-Carnitine, Ubiquinol (form of CoQ10), D-Ribose and Magnesium for his patients. I buy all mine online, but you can find them at any good-sized health food store.

    I use Acetyl-L-Carnitine because it's better absorbed. It has made the biggest difference for me as far as heart function, energy and immunity.

    What has helped my daughter and I the most in terms of energy is Royal Jelly. We have found that the liquid form in honey seems to be more effective than the powder. You have to start with a TINY amount if you have CFIDS. You can increase it gradually, but I never use more than 1/4 tsp a day.

    The first time my daughter got Epstein-Barr back in the 90s she had to quit college and couldn't work for almost a year. We first read about royal jelly in a book about CFS (can't remember who wrote it). At the time I couldn't even tolerate that little bit of sugar, but for my daughter the difference was just amazing. She was able to start working about 6 hours, but if she left for work without taking it she would be in a puddle on the floor within an hour!

    We both get recurring EBV infections and that is by far the most effective treatment for us. Once I added carnitine to my supplements I had no trouble with the honey.

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    Ah you mention nhs so your british. Right i can tell you this no they wont give you them on nhs but you can order them online d ribose is about £30 atub though. I tried it for me it made me more tired but that could be because its a sugar deriactive. Mitrochondria are the energy providers for cells thought to have originally been a vius that attached itself to our cells and in return for being a host it gave us energy. the other supplements you can buy at any health food store or website.

    All the best
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