D-Ribose: helping you? Can it flare candida?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hubcap_halo, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. hubcap_halo

    hubcap_halo New Member

    Hello all,

    I started taking D-Ribose and got a boost from it the first week.
    Then I caught my usual 'change of season' cold and a gut feeling told me
    to hold off on the Ribose for now. So much sugar in it---although I know many doctors claim
    this particular sugar does not affect Candida. But I noticed Dr. Myhill said it could.

    Any experiences? My gut tells me to take it when I don't have a cold, when my sinuses aren't flared. I'm curious what actual research is out there and just your experience.
  2. hubcap_halo

    hubcap_halo New Member

    I'm finding some anecdotal evidence from patients that said it was bad for their candida, but more that they were concerned about overstimulation. Which does not seem to be a problem for me.

    Here's an except from a post from a Lyme Journalist:

    That D-ribose causes candida seems to be a point of contention amongst health care professionals. The highly-respected proponent of D-ribose, Dr. J. Titelbaum, writes in the latest version of his book, "From Fatigued To Fantastic", that D-ribose does not cause candida. One of my Lyme-literate physician friends disagrees.

    True, D-ribose is not a sugar like any other. The body uses it specifically and only for cellular energy, and it is thought to not be toxic in excess, like other sugars.
  3. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    For me, if I could only take one supp, med, etc, that would be it....I have been taking it for quite some time now and it helps me more than anything else by far.....I am still exhausted, don't get me wrong, and I still have PEM and many, many other ever so fun symptoms, but I do definitely notice a very big difference if I take it compared to if I miss even a day.....w/o it I pretty much might as well stay in bed, with it, I have some days where I can manage to struggle thru one or two things....and unless I am really crashing, it also seems to help some with brain fog

    I do not seem to have a problem with candida, and I have read that D-Ribose does not effect blood sugar levels, so people with diabetes can take it.....considering that many of the foods that are bad for diabetes are also bad for candida, I would suspect that it is ok for people with candida.....but as with pretty much everything, we all react differently, so there is no guarantee that it won't effect candida, either

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