D-ribose making me more tired

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    Recently started D-Ribose, and as I raised my dose to only 1/2 tsp twice a day I am becoming so tired/sleepy much worse than before. In the past I have noticed that a breakfast with a lot of sugar in it, like pancakes with syrup, causes me to need a nap a few hours later.
    Has anyone else had this experience?
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    Happygranny - d-ribose has given me energy, particularly since I started taking 1/2 tsp. about 6 times a day. It has a very short half-life. I used to take it twice a day and did not notice much improvement, until I started taking it throughout the day.

    d-ribose does not affect me like a pancake breakfast with syrup would (which I have not had in a verrrry long time). Yeah, generally a high sugar meal will wipe me out. But d-ribose doesn't.

    I eat protein with each meal, and in between if need be (e.g., almonds, string cheese).

    Do you eat protein with your meals? Do you make sure not to skip meals to keep your blood sugar stable?

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    Mary, I appreciate your rresponse, thanks for taking the time to see if you could help me.

    I do eat protein with my meals, and though I spoke of pancakes and syrup for breakfast that is very seldom. I do have cravings for sugar every evening and do eat sweet things, probably more than I should, but basically have healthy, balanced meals.

    I would stir up a glass of water with the d-ribose and drink it over an hour or so. I drink a lot of water every day. I do not drink the d-ribose with a meal, usually between meals.

    You said that when you took small amounts you didn't notice much improvement. You noticed improvement when you incrreased your dose, but did you ever feel drugged or knocked when taking the D-R like I have the last couple of days?

    I was Dxd with FMS and CFS in 2002-2003. In 2004 I was DXd with Lyme disease and have been on and off Antibiotics since. I still feel as if I do have both FMS and CFS, but Antibiotic treatment does help me, so I likely have been infected with the tick borne illness.

    When I first started getting that drugged tired feeling I thought it was a result of the latest antibiotic treatment I have started causing die-0ff and what is called a Herx.

    Then I thought it might be my reaction to the d-ribose as I ofter have a 'tired' reaction to surgar so that is why I asked the question here, to see if anyone else has that reaction.

    Thanks again,
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    No, d-ribose has never made me feel drugged or tired. It wasn't so much that I increased my dose as that I started taking more smaller doses - I used to take one scoop (2 tsp.) with breakfast and sometimes one at lunch and did not notice much of anything either way.

    Then my doctor told me that d-ribose has a very short half-life and needs to be taken every couple of hours, and so more smaller doses are much more effective for me. I end up taking about 3 tsp. a day total, but the important thing is that I take it every couple of hours, about 6 times a day.

    I do get a bad reaction to sugar, like you, and d-ribose just doesn't affect me that way (thank goodness!)

    I guess maybe you should just stop the d-ribose and see if you improve. I know - it can be very difficult to find out what is causing any particular symptom, whether it's a bug or a detox or a herx etc etc etc.

    But if you conclude that the d-ribose is not the cause of your drugged tired feeling, you really should consider taking 1/2 tsp. every couple of hours - e.g., I take 1/2 tsp. when I first get up, 1/2 tsp. w/ breakfast, 1/2 tsp. mid-morning, 1/2 tsp. w/ lunch, 1/2 tsp. mid-afternoon and 1/2 tsp. w/ dinner.

    But d-ribose doesn't help everyone. I don't have lyme or FM, "only" CFS and it really seems to help my ATP production. But if you are dealing with different issues, then it may not help.

    Good luck -

  5. Jayna

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    If I don't take my 1/2 tsp within half an hour after a meal, I do get that tired and draggy feeling. It's because d-Ribose is effective at carrying ordinary sugars out of the bloodstream into the cells. If there's not a steady supply of sugar going in while the d-ribose is taking it out, your blood sugar gets low and voila! You get tired and draggy.

    You could also try taking it in juice instead of water, to keep things more stable.
  6. AuntTammie

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    this is actually about the only thing that does consistently help me some....I hope that by adding protein you find that it helps you, too

    as to the suggestion of adding it to juice, that would probably actually make things worse, as juice is essentially just sugar
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    My doctor prescribed D-Ribose for my adrenals, and I had to stop taking it because it made me feel absolutely exhausted!!! I used it for about two weeks, then gave it up. I understand that if you have thyroid issues, you cannot take the two together. It would probably be wise to take them at least 12 hours apart. Contact your Dr. for more information on this.

    Also, you mention your sweet cravings. You probably have a systemic yeast problem which causes them and many illnesses. You need to start taking probiotics - I prefer either Symbion or Dr. O'hhira's - to help kill off the bad yeast which has probably overtaken your body. You need to start with just 2-4 per day then work your way up to 6-8 per day for a month or two then go back down until you take a daily maintenance dose. I would ask the company you order from to help you with this - or your Dr. Yeast is a huge problem causing more than 78 illnesses. Most people are totally unaware that they even have it. Please do some research on internet. There is lots of info out there.

    Coconut oil is also great for killing off yeast. I would take it apart from the probiotics. You CANNOT USE coconut oil if you have HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE/HYPERTENSION! It will raise your blood pressure levels significantly!! I had to quit using it because of this problem. It is wonderful for killing off yeast, eliminating body odors, lubricating the skin, mouth wash, etc. Check out the internet for more info.
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    Dr. Cheney says that 20% of his patients have adverse reactions.

  9. aftermath

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    Teitelbaum's "study" purporting to prove that it works involved no control group. Let the buyer beware.
  10. AuntTammie

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    the thing is that your body has to have enough of all the other nutrients needed to make ATP, for ribose to be effective...otherwise it won't be able to be utilized

    I think that many of the times people find that it doesn't help it is becasue they are also lacking in one or more of those necessary nutrients (magnesium, b vitamins, l carnitine, co q 10, etc)

    teitelbaum is not the only one who has suggested ribose, btw....there is quite a bit of reason to believe it helps & it is very well established that ribose is one of the things involved in mitochondrial functioning
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    I didn't get back to see the other responses to my query about D-ribose until now and I want to thank everyone for their input.

    In the mean while I have seen a new doctor (an Internist) who was the best doctor I have seen since I started getting ill in 2001. It was such a good appt I was very emotional because I thought I was being thrown a life line.

    I still await test results and seeing the doctor again, but so far the results are showing definite Immune System being compromised.

    What I read from all of you about d-Ribose made a lot of sense, and while I await my next appt with the Internist on Sept 22nd, I will try the d-Ribose again following some of the advice you gave, such as taking it right at meal times, starting slow, and build up with small amounts taken with food.

    Thanks again and sorry for being so long getting back to you.

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    I have hypoglycemia and I an another one who has to take the ribose with plenty of food, including protein. Otherwise, I get a low blood sugar reaction from it. Sipping it in water between meals would not work for me.

    It does increase my stamina. I don’t feel any more energetic, but I don’t tire as quickly when I do things.
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    It's made from corn products and traditionally I can't tolerate corn in any form. To this day, I go to great lengths to avoid it. Corn is in everything! Kind of sad really since I'm looking at a wall or corn -- 67 acres to be exact.
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    Thanks, for bumping... Oh my gosh I do hope I am one that can take it.. I can't handle anymore fatigue..I took it yesterday but was having such a bad day all I could do was cry and stay in bed I felt so bad..

    Don't think it was the Ribose but will try it again today and let you know..

    God Bless,
  16. Neshema1

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    Well, seems I am not alone here. I started d-ribose and have been taking it only about a week or more. I have POTS dysautonomia and autoimmune disease, suspected mito for which I will be evaluated next (in the process of finishing up very intense neuro work up), and a host of endo and neuro problems, oh and GI. Ok, one thing I learned in from a lumbar puncture is I have too much glucose in my csf...my fasting blood sugar has been running slightly high. My lipids are high, and i have trouble digesting fats. I have never been hyper a day in my life! However, I managed to live with my autoimmune disease and malabsoption and have an incredibly successful career (but not much else). THen, I got the dysautonomia about 5 years ago at the height of my career, which put that to an end. I have deteriorated ever since involving a multitude of systemic issues. So, my docs wanted me to go on co-Q10 and I had read the wonders of D-Ribose. So, I had done co-Q10 before and don't remember having any problems. So I started them concurrently (dumb, I know, but I am desperate). I had high hopes for the D-Ribose, but since then my usual tachycardia has tanked into some severe episodes of very low vitals all around (I thought it might cause the opposite problem), but last night my pulse was down below 50 (averages now about 115), and even down to 25. It's happened a few other times in the past for unknown reasons. but I tend to go over (well over sometimes) 150 daily. So, Tues, I was 100 bpm higher than Wed. Tues, I was pretty ill. Wed and Thurs I have been stuck in bed. I feel the D-Ribose a little while after I take it. I feel kind of like I have the flu. I keep trying to find out the side effects, and all I see is about the blood sugar or the miraculous effects. I don't yet have a glucose monitor. I am kind of afraid to take anymore d-ribose, but I am really disappointed. Does anyone know of any articles about why this might be happening and if it is bad for those with serious autoimmune disease (e.g., lupus/sjogren's) or for those with tachycardia or hypotension or hypovolemia, dehydration, or norepinephrine transport issues? Really, I know my case is complicated but there are strong reasons to support my docs' mito theory, in which case, the d-ribose seems it would help. It seems I have more than one illness, but probably one is secondary to the other. any feedback or direction would be appreciated, cuz my docs and I are feeling kind of discouraged. thanks! Hang in there everyone!
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    Did the same for me. I felt sorta drugged. Seems nothing works for me or has the opposite effect.

  18. greatgran

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    Did the same for me. I felt sorta drugged. Seems nothing works for me or has the opposite effect.