D-Ribose Powder

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Janalynn, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Has anyone taken this and if so, what were your results?

    As mentioned in another post - Dr. Oz was on Good Morning America the other day and he mentioned this specifically for energy for CFS and Fibro.

    For less severe conditions, he mentioned Vit D, probiotics, Chia (seeds like in the Chia pet) and possibly something else, but it has slipped my memory. I did write it down somewhere.

    I am particularly interested in finding out if anyone else has take the D-Ribose and their experiences.
    Thank you!


  2. tut90

    tut90 Member

    I was wondering the same thing. Has someone here tried it? I would like to know if it has a pleasant taste, and that it works, before I buy it.


  3. yuckie

    yuckie New Member

    Hi guys,

    Yes, I've been taking d ribose in powder form from Corvalen M (sold here at prohealth) for about 4 years. It has helped with fatigue and muscle pain. Like so many things, it's not a cure all but I won't go without it since I've learned that when I run out within 3 days I notice a big difference.

    The powder is slightly sweet and I just put mine in water. I've also put it in applesauce. I'm sure with a little creativity you could find alot of ways to take it. It's very pleasant just in water.

    Corvalen is d ribose, magnesium and malate. Many think that because it is a "sugar" that it is high in calories but only has about 56 per serving. Also, it is not a sugar in the processed sense but is the same form of energy that our bodies produce naturally(at least before we got sick). Last point, I have also noticed some that think it would be bad for them because they are hypoglycemic...well, I am (hypoglycemic) and it's not (bad for my glycemia) because it doesn't work that way.

    I give it two thumbs up :)

    Hope this helps. Janice
  4. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    I just got some D-Ribose powder that I ordered here. Tried it today for the first time, put 2 tsp in my coffee. It is just slightly sweet, doesn't taste bad. I couldn't even taste it in my coffee.

    I have read good things about it, so I thought it would be worth a try. Does anyone know if it takes some time before you notice any benefit? I've been feeling so horrible that I need all the help I can get!
  5. znewby

    znewby Member

    My daughter tried it and got quite a good response even the day after starting it. The girl at work started it a week ago and has had no response so far. In hindsight it would have been better to try this before antivirals which turned out to be a complete waste in my daughter's case. Adding the Energy Revitalization Drink (Teitelbaum's) and now starting the Co-enzme Q10 and acetyl- l - carnitine and omega 3 and probiotic is making quite a difference. This morning she said she thinks she might be sleeping better and getting up slightly less in the night to drink water and urinate. In another month I think she may switch to the methylation supplements and drop the energy revitalization system. Check out the Phoenix Rising web site which outlines the supps to take for cfs and info on the methylation process. CorvalenM (d-ribose, magnesium, and malic acid) made the biggest immediate difference of anything she ever did.
    She had onset with mono.[This Message was Edited on 01/10/2009]
  6. antiquedeb

    antiquedeb New Member

    I was on the couch for 13 years with CFS, and this has really helped me! I take one scoop in the morning and one scoop at night. I mix it with one scoop of "vitamin research vitamin powder" and water. the other things that have helped me is 100 mg. of "Co-Q" ten twice a day & 500 mg. of Carnitine once a day, in the morning. Probiotics have helped too.

    I go every day now! I am even planning a trip to Maui this summer!

  7. vickiw

    vickiw Member

    I can't use it. D-Ribose is made by converting glucose or corn sugar, into ribose by fermentation processes. Someone here said that it doesn't affect hypoglycemia, but it affects me that way. Like I've eaten a lot of candy. I get a definite crash. It also gives me a headache. I wish I knew someone I could give my bottle to since it seems to work for some people.

    I have ME/CFS and have zero tolerance for anything that provides artificial "energy." For example sugar, caffeine, Provigil, Ritalin, energy drinks, etc. I have viral onset CFS. I don't know if our sub-sets make a difference in how we react to certain things.
  8. Andrew111

    Andrew111 Member

    If you search the prohealth articles here you will find an article about a study Teitelbaum did. It says that d-ribose helped, but I wish it said more. For example, how much did it help. What was the nature of the help. How many did it not help, and were they CFS or Fibro. Considering that Teitelbaum did the study, it would nice if he posted details on his site.

    BTW, using d-ribose daily, and I can't tell if it is helping or not.
  9. lin21

    lin21 New Member

    I too heard Dr. Oz on GMA and I'm going to give d-ribose a try , I've been reading some other posts about so you may want to do a search.

    Good luck!!

  10. simpsons

    simpsons Member

    yes have great success with d ribose as recommended by dr myhill. it certainly has great benifits on muscle recovery and is mentioned in from fatigued to fantastic also. i have found that i get less heart muscle pain also which is a relief as thats very frightening

    i read in fatigued to fantastic i think that it works with the magnesium and thats also what dr myhill has me on i take injections every day and it helps with recovery.

    in fatigued to fantastic there is a story about a vet who used it and studies on how it benifits the heart

    i put it in my tea when i wake up and it brings me round and gives me energy it can make you feel a little nervous with too much energy but you just need to eat with it if that happens or make sure you are not taking too much

    you can look on dr myhill's site to find more information on this

    i am really glad that i have started using it and would not stop using it

    good luck let us know how you get on
  11. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Thank you all for your input!
    Im always nervous to try new things - even if they are a supplement. I guess because I take so many medications, I'm worried about somehow some weird interaction will occur.
    I also bought some B12.

    All of my bloodwork comes back great - mag levels, Vit D etc. but...

    I just want to feel better!
    Again, thank you!!!

  12. bdancer

    bdancer New Member

    I have used this with great success!!

    I'm out right now and need to go get more...I get it at a local health food store in their sports nutrition/supplement area...it is expensive, but worth it!!

    I notice having more energy. I can do more and not feel exhausted. Best of all: I can exercise when taking it!! Usually I just don't have the energy to exercise.

    I like to mix it with my plain non-fat yogurt or in a smoothie that I make with ice, plain non-fat yogurt, whey protein powder, bananas and peanut butter or berries!!
  13. grannan

    grannan New Member

    I have been on Ribose for several months now, and it has made a HUGE improvement in my energly level.

    My exercise tolerance has increased, which means I can exercise more ( and I am developing muscle strength. )

    Best of all, I can play with my grandchildren without taking to bed.

    Initialy, I jumpstarted it by also taking Creatine, which helped with muscle mass, but only for a short time. Now I just take Ribose.
  14. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    I have also been taking it for several months. I just eat it straight (1 1/2 - 2 teaspoons, depending on how tired I am when I wake up) after taking other supplements. It helps get rid of the awful taste of some of the others. I noticed a huge difference rt away (starting at 1 teaspoon), and the few times I missed a dose, I crashed. I am normally extremely sensitive to meds and some supplements, but this has not bothered me at all, (except that I cannot take it at night or I won't sleep).

    It has not brought my energy levels back to normal, but it has improved them a lot. I was spending 3 - 4 days week completely unable to do anything and the remaining days doing very little. Now, I only completely crash about once every 2 - 3 weeks, and most days I can get one or two things done. It has helped my exercise tolerance a little, too.

    One thing I would note, though, is to not buy Solgar brand. I found more than once that they did not actually put as much in the bottle as the label said, so it was more expensive than some of the others. A man who works at the store where I buy it agreed with me that he would also avoid that brand.
  15. cherylsue

    cherylsue Member

    Dr. Cheney talked about it in his DVD. It failed in about a third of his patients because they couldn't metabolize the extra carbon molecule in that particular sugar and D-Ribose became toxic to them. ( I can't handle it myself. I feel terrible on it.)

    However, if you don't have that deficiency, it may work. You would have to try it to see.

    Just so you know all the facts.

  16. tut90

    tut90 Member

    I've been experiencing so much pain in the last four days, and the only thing that helps is taking a hot bath, but it only helps for a little while.

    Yesterday my husband went out and bought me the D-Ribose at a local VitaminShoppe, a 5.3oz. bottle goes for $26.89, but I found that in vitacost.com, you could get a 10.6oz. bottle for $27.99, plus $4.99 shipping.

    Started taking it right away, I'm praying that it helps me out with this pain. I will let you know how it works for me, since I have so many allergies. Yesterday when I first took it I got a scratchy throat, don't know if this is a side effect for me.

    I'm wondering if anyone has gotten any side effects.

  17. Jayna

    Jayna New Member

    Huge amounts of abdominal gas within half an hour of taking it.

    I have been on it for a couple of weeks but can't get over 1/4 tsp at a time because I bloat up with gas so bad that not only am I burping all day but it even spreads up my torso, neck & into my sinuses like when I had laproscopic abdominal surgery and had to 'walk off' the terrible gas for days afterward.

    On Dr. Myhill's site she says it should have no side effects but if it does, she suggests taking it on alternate days. So that's what I'm going to try next.
  18. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    Do you know what the symptoms of toxicity were and how long it took for them to show up? It's too bad that you feel awful on it.
  19. smhaws

    smhaws New Member

    I am in no way affiliated with this company, but it is the cheapest d-ribose I've found, and it's such an amazing price that I wanted to share. Nutrabio.com is a body-building-type website, so they sell all sorts of amino acids and d-ribose and whatnot.

    I bought 5 pounds (yes, pounds! that's 2268 grams!) for $160.

    I also get my acetyl-l-carnitine and n-acetyl-l-cysteine there. Much cheaper than anywhere else I've found online or in a store. And we need to save all the pennies we can.

    Again, I have no stake in the company, just passing on what I learned doing internet shopping.
  20. Clay2

    Clay2 New Member

    I take it with some b12, coq10, acetyl l carnitine, magnesium, NadH. I think it's the myhill protocol. NadH is expensive but it also helps.

    I find it does help with feeling like I can do more. What it doesn't mean is that I can actually get away with a lot more exertion. It doesn't help with post exertion fatigue. I just feel better while working harder than I should.

    I use d ribose in capsules. I don't know why.

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