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  1. solipsist66

    solipsist66 New Member

    I have been reading a lot about a supplement called D Ribose and I was wondering if anyone tried it. Helpful or not?

    Thank you for any input! :)
  2. MIssAutumn

    MIssAutumn New Member

    One of the best things I have used for FM/CF, also chronic EBV and chronic Lyme. I've had this crud for over 40 years and wish I had found it sooner. I take a scoop in the morning- works best with some caffeine, I use organic coffee or tea, a scoop mid morning and another around 3pm. I can have horrible pain and burning in the morning and as soon as I take this it's gone! It doesn't stay gone but it does help a lot! and I have to watch myself that I don't overdo. We're working on detoxing and getting rid of the virus's so one day soon I won't have to be so careful. I would give it a try.

    I just came in from painting some out buildings we have! So, yeah it works LOL

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  3. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    I take it for energy, it helps a little. Actually, when I first started taking it, it helped my energy a lot, but that has worn off. My doctor has me taking it for my heart - I think it is a major source of fuel for the heart.

    I buy mine from Swanson Vitamins on-line - they have the best price.

  4. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    look for the D-Ribose vs low dose naltrexone thread - I wrote about it on there...sorry but i am too tired to rewrite it

    as to not being able to get it in Canada....you might be able to order it online....I know how it feels to really need a certain supplement and not be able to get it....there is one that I had been taking for my adrenal and thyroid glands....it was helping a lot with several related issues (in fact it and D-Ribose are the two things that have helped me the most, by far, but there are other supplements that you might need to take with the Ribose - see my other post)...anyway, I have not been able to get it for two months and it is killing me (the only place that i know of to get it from is in Oregon and I order it through the mail....they are changing their supplier and it is way back ordered in the meantime).....it is actually a ton of different things, or else I would just buy them separately
  5. Jayna

    Jayna New Member

    depending where you live, I suppose. I've been seeing it at my natural fooods supermarket in Calgary for nearly 2 years, although I only started taking it myself a few months ago

    It really does make a diffference in my dialy pain and energy levels.
  6. quanked

    quanked Member

    How about dosing? And powder or capsules? I am always interested in diminishing pain and increasing energy: )
  7. quanked

    quanked Member

    i noticed that swanson sells the d-ribose with malic acid. Anyone know why this would be?
  8. otis89

    otis89 New Member

    I see an alternative medicine doc along with the other docs and he suggested i try some , ill let you know how it progresses, ive taken it once, but didnt stick with it (fibro fog), i just remembered i had it when i seen your post, and going to start it again, its just so hard for me to take something on a regular basis, beings my days are so screwed up, its hard to be faithful to something. take care, otis89
  9. solipsist66

    solipsist66 New Member

    What brand do you all recommend? Do you take powder or capsule? (I think I would prefer capsule if it is as effective.

    Thank you all for your help! :)
  10. tut90

    tut90 Member

    I've been taking it in powder form for about three months now. I notice that when I take it I have more energy. I take it with cold water, it has sweet pleasant taste. The best place to buy it so far is at Swansons.

  11. otis89

    otis89 New Member

    The brand i have is Corvalen bioenergy ribose, ingredient listed is D-ribose, contains no preservatives, salt, yeast, wheat,gluten, corn, dairy products, artificial flavoring or colors, so the label says. I paid 43.95 for it, i know its a little pricey, thats for 9.9 oz.........otis89.....oh, and its in powder form, take with water.
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  12. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    You can purchase D-Ribose from Finlandia Pharmacy in Vancouver (they have a web-store) and from Aviva in Winnipeg (also available online).
  13. znewby

    znewby Member

    There is a place here in Ottawa that sells a jar of d-ribose (no magnesium or malic acid added) and the jar is not the big size like CorvalenM and the price is $100.

  14. restauranthell

    restauranthell New Member

    I love Ribose and think it works great....but is it a sugar? and would it feed candida and bacteria?
  15. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    I use Jarrow pure D-Ribose powder. A 200 gram container costs about $28 at The Vitamin Shoppe. That is the cheapest one they carry (except for Solgar, but Solgar does not seem to actually have the amount in the container that it claims, and the store's clerk said he doesn't like Solgar either). I like the powder becasue I already take so darn many supplements and I get sick of swallowing pills. Plus, some of them taste awful, so the taste of the Ribose helps get rid if the taste of the other supplements. I just scoop it up and eat it straight from the scoop.

    It is a sugar, but it is somehow of a different chemical structure than other sugars, so it does not have the same effect on the body as other sugars. Diabetics can take it, and I am almost positive it does not effect Candida either. (I looked into all this stuff before I started taking it, but it has been awhile so I don't remember that for sure. However, I don't think I would have tried it if it had a bad effect on Candida.) The body naturally produces it, but for some of us our bodies obviously either do not make it at all, or make far too little. It works in conjunction with B vitamins, magnesium, CoQ10 and acetyl L carnitine, though, so if someone is short of any of these, the D-Ribose might not be able to work as well, unless supplements of the other things are also taken. (side note - vegetarians are often short in Acetyl L-Carnitine, becasue it is only found in meat....mutten is an esp good source.)

    As far as why it would be packaged along with malic acid, that is becasue D-Ribose is usually used for Fibro, ME, and/or for building muscle....and all of those things frequently involve muscle pain. Malic acid has been shown to help with pain (although when it is combined with anything , it is usually with magnesium.)

    Also, as to the dosage, I started with a small amount and built up a little. I usually take 3 - 3 1/2 scoops (a scoop is 1/2 tsp, approx 2 gm). I think that everyone will be different as to how much to take, though. I know that I noticed a difference rt away, but then had to increase it to the amount I am taking. I also noticed that if I take too much I feel a bit wired and jittery (not terrible, but not great.) I take it with breakfast, because I think it would keep me awake if I took it a lot later. I do sometimes take an extra scoop a little later in the day if I am really dragging, though.
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  16. Jayna

    Jayna New Member

    With powder rather than capsules, you can control the dose easier.

    I started iwth about 1/8 of a tsp in my morning tea and have worked up over 3 months to 1/2 tsp after every meal (4-5 times a day) except my bedtime snack. Some websites recommend a tsp at a time but I get jittery if I go over half. And if I take it too far away from a meal it LOWERS my blood sugar, so I don't think it works like regular sugar even though it tastes slightly sweet.

  17. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    $100 for what size jar? Finlandia (NFI) are selling a 900 gr jar for $100.64 Cdn. That's the best price I have seen so far.
  18. znewby

    znewby Member

    I don't know what size it was but it was smaller than the CorvalenM size sold here.
  19. justdifferent

    justdifferent New Member


    D-Ribose + Peak ATP.[This Message was Edited on 04/05/2009]
  20. astroherb

    astroherb New Member

    I have been taking D-Ribose for approximately 2 months. I have noticed mild, not dramatic improvement. However, I am taking quite a few things so it is hard to tell what is helping the most. I feel like each little improvement is cumulative and worth it! My 2-month supply is just about gone and I have decided to go for another two months. I purchased the NOW brand from Lucky Vitamins at half the price of my local health food store.

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