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  1. Marlene35

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    How many of you use this supplement? I tried it for a while and didn't notice much improvement. Plan to try it again and if it helps. How long does it take before you can see some improvement?

    Thanks. Marlene
  2. mbofov

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    Marlene - I started using d-ribose 4-1/2 years ago. I noticed an almost immediate increase in energy, within a day or 2 at the most. Eventually however, it flattened out a bit.

    Dr. Sarah Myhill writes that d-ribose has a short half-life, so it's best to take several small doses a day instead of one or 2 larger ones - e.g., a 1/2 tsp. every couple of hours. I was taking 1/2 tsp. in morning coffee (which Myhill recommends - she says it works synergistically with caffeine), 1/2 tsp. mid-morning, 1/2 tsp. w/lunch, mid-afternoon and dinner. I did notice an improvement when taking it throughout the day, but have slacked off some now.

    Like most things that help me with CFS, the noticeable energy increase eventually disappeared.

    Hope it helps you -

  3. TigerLilea

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    Marlene, I have tried using d-ribose several times and I did not notice any difference at all.
  4. Jittle

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    I came across an online article and one in a book for ribose about 2 months ago. I started taking it one month ago, and will now take it every day. LOVE IT! I use to be so tired, I felt like I was drugged all the time. I would wake up tired, and would drag through my entire day. I did not think I could be anymore tired or out of it than I was, and was ready to give up. Rheumy gave me two different meds to try and they were horrible. I said let me try a natural supplement and see what happens: i cannot imagine not taking it. I actually think I may be able to go back to work because of ribose!
    It did make me a little jittery at first so I slowed down the dose until I got use to it. I started with a half of scoop 2 times a day for a few days, mixed with water. By the end of the week I went to the full scoop. For 3 weeks you take 3 scoops throughout the day. By then I mixed with water or ice tea because it did not make me jittery anymore. Now I take 2 scoops a day.
    I can't say enough how much better and improvement I have.

    I hope you try it again, and hope it works for you.
  5. Marlene35

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    Thanks to all of you for the good information. Marlene
  6. jen_miester27

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    hi yall!

    i am so in need of something for energy...i saw your posts on the d-ribose....i had a few questions...where do you get it? can you get it at walmart? also, i guess it is liquid right? if you could please let me know, i would greatly appreciate it!

    thanks a bunch! jennifer
  7. Jittle

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    I buy it at my local vitamin store. Pharmacy's by me do not carrry it. The form I buy is a powder you mix into your drinks. I believe there is also a capsule.
  8. mbofov

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    Jennifer - d-ribose is expensive and it's much cheaper to buy on-line from Swanson Vitamins or Vitacost than in the local health food store.

    It's not liquid, you can get it in powder or capsule form - I buy the powder and add it to water.

    I don't think WalMart carries it.

  9. CelticLadee

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    Tomorrow I want to start it so found this thread interesting. I was thinking of putting it in my morning coffee to jump start my day.

    Actually I bought it online over a month ago but have had so many things going on I decided to delay trying it just in case I have a bad reaction. I never know so didn't want to chance it.

    Can't afford to loose any sleep and a lot of these supplements seem to do just that for me or cause heart palpitations, etc. Ugh.

    So hopefully tomorrow I won't forget (terrible memory) cause after today I am done with my apptmts this month.

    Let us know how it goes for you. I will check back later to see if it helped you and tell you if it helped me.
  10. HU1981

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    ..and well it was tasty but I didn't notice anymore energy and it was pricey on the (commercial URL removed by moderator) website but Swanson's may be more affordable cause I plan to find some cash to invest in the natural supplements recommended by Dr Jacob Teitelbaum along with my prescriptions and adopt the Eat to Live nutritarium protocal of Dr Joel Fuhrman in a last ditch effort to see if I can "take control of my health" (LOL) as everyone who doesn't understand is always stressing that I just need do that and stop complaining. This is a very lonely road. And, because I have a college degree they assume I just don't want to work cause of course all you need is a undergrad degree to make millions, right ?
  11. ~jean~

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    It is on my list of things to try. Have hope!
  12. Mikie

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