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    Don't forget to get your daffodils, the flower of HOPE.

    My daughter works for the Cancer Society. We have the daffodil campaign and three Relays! Last night I helped pack.

    I couldn't stand the cold warehouse, so I stayed in the warm office area and helped with the tying and wrapping.

    Today, I have to do some deliveries and help in the office for pick-ups.

    So, don't forget the daffodils. Tip: only put so many out and keep the rest in the fridge and they will stay closed. Then, when the others are done, you will have more to put out. I didn't know that and use to put all of them out and they'd be gone within a week.

    I will also help with the direct-sale sites. My daughter calls me whenever a volunteer can't make it, I fill in. It helps that I am off of work right now for daffodil week!

    Have a good day!
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    for reminder-will do. Bump this up. Annie
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