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    Hi dahopper, I dont think we have spoken on here before, but I am a chiropractor with CFS and have been around these boards off and on for the past 3 years.......just dont post very often........

    Per my conversations with Lisapetrison, and reviewing your posts, I was curious about your experience with your hGH therapy??? I am in the process of starting it myself, but would like to know if it was difficult to get your doctor to prescribe this or did you test very low with IGF-1???

    I have not decided which clinic I will be going to and would just like to know the "in's and out's" of what you went through and if your insurance covered this......If you are not comfortable discussing this, I understand, so I will leave that up to you.......Any information would be appreciated.........Thanks, John
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    Hi John,

    I saw this post slipping so I was just going to bump it for Debbie, but I realized you were asking about HGH.

    I have been on Humantrope injections for over 3 years. My IGF-1 was extremely low. In NY state, it must be prescribed by an endocrinologist.

    It has helped my muscle tone tremendously and some with the fatigue.

    Best wishes,

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    bumping for Debbie
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    Sorry it took me so long to answer your questions I have been off the board for a few days. I have been on Norditropin Nordiflex Injection .25mg now for 7 months. I did test very low so my doctor did suggest it. What I feel it has helped me the most with is my muscle tone like foxglove said too and also helped over time with my extreme fatigue. Also my skin was getting so dry that no kind of lotion or amount would help me. My skin has changed so much it is back to a moist supple feel that I have missed for awhile now.

    When first starting the HGH I had some muscle aches but my doctor told me to expect that becauce my body and muscles would be trying to heal themself. It did last for a couple of months. My treatment program did not happen overnight and there was times I wanted to give up but never did so I believe it takes months of non stop treatment to see the progress.

    Hopes this helps....Hugs, Debbie
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    hGh must be prescribed by an endocrinologist! How horrible. I'd never have gotten it in that case, and it's the thing that's helped me the most with regard to letting my body be able to tolerate the AV.

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    No kidding, lisa, seems like NYS is forcing us here to go to a specialist for everything. Even my Plaquenil must come from a dermatologist, as I a skin form of lupus. Man, it's a pain having to see so many specialists.