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  1. mollystwin

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    Has anyone heard from Debbie? Last time she posted she mentioned a slight flare.

    Are you OK Debbie? Just wanted to know how the lyme treatment is going and if you are feeling better.
  2. dahopper

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    Thank You for checking on me several things have been going wrong with me now for going on three weeks....... I don't know what has happened to me.

    But first and most important now we have had a ice storm and our whole town is without power. For two days we could not get gas or groceries because nothing was opened. This all started Saturday morning.

    We are now with power in our home my hub bought a huge generator for our home. It was ruff for a few days though. Saturday night I was up all night with a stomach virus and it was not good. Sunday was our worse hit day and my poor husband had his hands full with me....our aging parents and trying to get to our ranch to feed our over two thousand head of cattle.

    He had snow tires put on his ranch truck and he was on his way home and they did not tighten the lug nuts tight enough and both his back wheels came off his truck. If he had been on the highway coming home he could of been killed.

    I have been in a huge flare and stopped taking all of my meds when the stomach virus hit, I did gradually start back on some of it today. My doctor did call me today after I called the FFC and told them they were fixing to lose me if something did not happen and within two hours he was calling me. I really like my doctor but they were just not listening to my complaints. He does feel
    it is hormone related and we are going to try to get things straight now but he said it some times takes time to find the right mix for me.

    My breast check at the Oklahoma Breast Cancer Center went well. All checked out good so that is some good news. I had been really worried about that so now I can forget about that for awhile.

    Tonight is the first night I have been able to get online since Saturday. I am going to but a picture of my back patio/yard on my bio of the ice storm you have got to see it.

    Again Thank You for checking on me that made me feel good, I will try to keep you updated with all this mess.. Love, Debbie
  3. dahopper

    dahopper New Member

    Thank You too for checking on me. I hope you are doing some better. I have been worried about you.

    I changed my pic in my bio but it never has changed yet....I guess it takes awhile. Have a good night. Love, Debbie
  4. mollystwin

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    I was happy to see your post. I was a bit worried because I knew you are on the lyme protocol and my SIL is having such difficulties with hers and thought you might be too. She had a stomach virus also and went off all meds for a week. I hope you get this all straightened out with your hormones and such. You were doing so well too!

    I have an FFC appt today. My FFC dr will not give me an igenix test because my western blot was fine. I have an appt next Wed with my twin sis's dr who treats her lyme. I want to rule this out as an issue. If the test is positive, I will be changed drs.

    I looked at your profile pic. We have ice too, but not like this! Wow! You and your family have been through quite an ordeal!

    (Hi Jolie)
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  5. dahopper

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    Yes I am having trouble with my Lyme protocol and my meds for it. I sure would like to talk to your sis. It has been the most dificult thing to deal with.

    I had the FFC do the Igenix test on my hubby even though his western blot came back ok and I need to call them to see how it came back. I will do that right now and let you know.

    I do not blame you I would want to know for sure also. I am going to go now and call FFC about my Hubs test.
  6. dahopper

    dahopper New Member

    was closed due to weather. :-(
  7. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    I'm curious to see if your hubby has lyme. I hope he doesn't! I hope I don't either. My test is for next Wednesday. I want to get it over with.

    I mentioned to my twin sis about your lyme issues. She says she'll check in here soon.

    My SIL and her daughter also have lyme. My SIL is really not doing well. But she doens't do any research and really knows nothing about lyme other than what my sis and I tell her. And nothing sinks in. She's been in treatment for a few months and doesn't understand why she's not better. I keep telling her it takes a long time! She won't join message boards either. I worry about her a lot! She won't call her dr, she just stops meds and then tells him at her next appt.

    Her daughter just started treatment as well. I hope she does OK. She's only 18 and has active EBV too.

    I am reading the book Lab 257. Very interesting. You should read this too. It's about the possibility of lyme disease being leaked from Plum Island in the mid 70's starting the epidemic in the US. I wonder if it's true?
  8. cherylsue

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    I'm glad to see you are on the board again, but sorry to hear of your troubles and your flare. Hopefully, you'll be feeling better soon.

    Many hugs,

  9. dahopper

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    Would you please share what all your doctor is having you do to treat your lyme with me? I was on 200mg doxy am and pm until just recently and I asked him if I could go a little slower so now I do 100mg am and pm. Then he has me on azithromycin 500mg once a day. Not sure if any of my other meds are for lyme other than TF.

    I have really been bummed out now for the last few weeks. I know stress has alot to do with it though. I hope you are feeling better. Keep in touch. Hugs, Debbie
  10. mollystwin

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    Hi Debbie,

    I'm so sorry that you husband has lyme! Now you both have to go through treatment. I hope you do start to feel better soon. Maybe with the lower dosage it will help.

    Yes my test is next Wed. So I should know within the next month or so. If I am positive I'm going to write that letter to FFC corporate to let them know they need to be testing everyone with igenix. Not a nasty letter. I just want to be sure everyone gets the treatment they need.
  11. mollystwin

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    I think you are right in that perhaps we should all be tested for lyme!!

    I am OK since going back to work. Some days are fine, some are very tired! I've decided that three full days are just too much so I'm doing 2 full days and one shorter day for now.

    Have you moved yet? I know that was coming some time soon.
    Hope you are doing well.