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    About hope, power, and promise…

    Matthew 1:20 because what is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit.

    We are all human beings and within us is the spark of the divine. We are all human and we all have an earthly father. In contrast, Jesus did not just have the spark of the divine but was all the power of the divine. Jesus did not have an earthly father like those of us who are physically mortal. In contrast, Jesus was not just spiritually immortal, He was also physically immortal. As humans, we may have all the power of the divine available to us but all the power of God cannot be realized in us like the power of God was realized in the conception of Christ. Our beliefs and theologies about Jesus hinge upon the truth Jesus was totally divine. In addition, Christ's total divinity rested in the truth He had no earthly father but was created by God in the womb of the Blessed Virgin. If we do not or will not accept this statement of scripture as the truth, all other statements in the New Testament and many of the statements of the Old Testament have no power of truth associated with them. If we do not accept Christ was from the Holy Spirit, most of the statements in the New Testament must be regarded as myth. In our personal everyday lives, we need more than just a myth to keep us going from one day to the next. In our personal everyday lives, we need the hope, power, and promise of the Holy Spirit within us…the kind of hope, power, and promise that comes only from accepting the truth that Christ was indeed the real son of God, whose real father was God in Heaven.