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    Psalm 62

    God Alone A Refuge from Oppression!

    These DD oppress us greatly, even if they don't depress us; which most of us struggle with that one too.

    MamaR shared this lovely psalm with me yesterday.
    I love the repitition of; 'my soul waits in silence, and my stronghold not being greatly shaken.'

    My soul waits in silence for God
    only; From Him is my salvation.
    He only is my rock and my
    My stronghold; I shall not be
    greatly shaken.
    (What a declaration! I make it my own. When we know, that we know God is are one and only, we will not be greatly shaken.)

    v. 5-12
    My soul, wait in silence for
    God only,
    For my hope is from Him.
    He only is my rock and my
    My stronghold; I shall not be
    On God my salvation and my
    glory rest;
    The rock of my strength, my
    refuge is in God.
    Trust in Him at all times,
    O people;
    Pour out your heart before
    God is a refuge for us. Selah.

    Men of low degree are only vanity, and men of
    rank are a lie,
    In the balance they go up;
    They are together lighter than breath.
    Do not trust in oppression,
    And do not vainly hope in robbery;
    If riches increase, do not set
    your heart upon them.

    Once God has spoken;
    Twice I have heard this;
    That power belongs to God;
    And lovingkindness is Thine,
    O Lord,
    For thou dost recompense a
    man according to his work.

    My soul, wait in silence for
    God only!!

    Oppression: pressure that comes from without,
    Unreasonable burdensome or severe, something that is unjust, or severe, excessive power.
    a sense of being weighed down.
    As in this DD, circumstances, money, other people's attitudes, Dr. etc....

    Depression: Pressure that comes from within,
    a state of feeling sad; dejection, inactivity, difficulty in thinking and consentration, hopelessness.

    God is able to deliver us from both, and lead us in wisdom, in how to deal with both. Sometimes we need to change the outside forces, that cause us depression;
    and sometimes we need to change inside negative thoughts and attitudes, and replace them with God's words.
    Sometimes we need others to help us, and sometimes, we need to just wait in silence for God only!

    Well, we probable need to do that in all times!


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    Very good for me today. I appreciate you posting this. I appreciate how oppression and depression are defined. So true.

    I do love the verses you post.

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    all I can say is thank you again I"m so depressed that it scares me.I know God is with me at all times. but I just can"t seem to grasp unto it right now like I use to be able to in the past.
    Sometimes I do feel the inner peace that I use to but most of the time I just feel empty when I pray.

    the other Day I was crying and asking God why have you give up on me? and the answer I recieved was Sharon why have you given up on me.
    and I know in my heart that is the truth.I just feel like I don"t connect when I pray, so please pray that I won"t give up on our Heavenly Father. Hugs Sixtyslady
  4. MamaR

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    Yes....this was such a help for me today as I read this.

    Isn't it so human off us to be up one minute... and down the next? That is so for me.
    I have to tell myself daily, sometimes hourly, that these depressed times will come and the oppression will surely come.

    The word of God is our sword and our map!

    Thank you so much for these lovely Bible Verses!


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    I loved reading this Psalm, and especially your thoughts on it.

    Thank you so much for sharing! I feel like I want to read it many times, perhaps memorize it to keep in the back of my mind.

    Saying hi to you, as this is the first time I've written. Also a while back, you wrote something beautiful - a poem. and about waiting for God in the dark.

    I could relate deeply to that too!!

    I'm so glad you're sharing all these things.

    God bless and care for you!