Daily Dose, Aug. 22 Ps. 69

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    Psalm 69:29-36
    NCV and NAS side by side

    v.29 I am sad and hurting.
    God, save me and protect me.

    v.29 But I am afflicted and in pain;
    May Thy salvation, O God,
    set me securely on high.

    It always amazes me when i find what's in my heart, written in God's Word! But then why should it, my struggle, our struggle, isn't new, it's been with man since the beginning of sin in the gardern.

    I find more and more that my heart just crys, "come Lord Jesus, come!"

    v. 30-36 NCV

    I will praise God in a song
    and will honor Him by giving thanks.
    That will please the Lord more than
    offering Him cattle,
    more than sacrificing a bull with horns
    and hoofs.
    Poor people will see this and be glad.

    Be encouraged, you who worship God.
    The Lord listens to those in need
    and does not look down on captives.

    A thankful heart before the Lord is a powerful
    thing, it brings life to our spirit, heart, and draws
    us close to Him, when we thank and worship Him, despite ourselves and situations.

    That said, however, sometimes in our time with the Lord we do have to start by going thur the motions, because we don't feel it, in order to break thur to that deeper place.

    Be encouraged!! you who worship the Lord.

    Heaven and earth should praise Him,
    the seas and everything in them.
    God will save Jerusalem
    and rebuild the cities of Judah.

    Then people will live there and own the land.
    The descendants of His servants will inherit
    that land,
    and those who love Him will live there.

    We already know the final out come in the war
    over Jerusalem and Israel!! It's God's city!

    And those who love Him will live there in peace.


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    Just what I needed. I know that when i praise God my spirit soars (sp?), I will go thru the motions now. Even tho my heart has been trampled, I know my Lord deserves my praise!

    Thank you honey for your effort to bring us God's word. You are my blessing and I praise God for you! Love, Tam
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    That's really neat! Sometime i actually get it right!?LOL

    Wow, thanks for sharing that quote with us.

    "They said that gratitude and fear cannot exist in the brain at the same time" I like that!

    God keeps showing me how important that attitude thing is,
    the only problem, is he has to keep showing me again, and again.
    Some behaviors, or thought patterns are deeply ingrained!
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    Thank you , that is beautiful