Daily Dose, Aug. 7, The Lords Temple

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    I've had one verse of a song going around and around in my head for days!

    "One day in your Temple, is better than thousands elsewhere"

    I opened psalms today, and it was right there before me!

    Psalm 84

    Lord All-Powerful,
    how lovely is your Temple!
    I want more than anything
    to be in the courtyards of the Lord's

    My whole being wants
    to be with the living God.
    The sparrows have found a home,
    and the swallows have nests.
    They raise their young near your altars,

    Lord All-Powerful, my King and my God.
    Happy are the people who live at your Temple;
    they are always praising you.

    One day in the courtyards of your Temple
    is better
    than a thousand days else where!

    I would rather be a doorkeeper in the
    Temple of my God
    than live in the homes of the wicked.
    The Lord God is like a sun and shield;
    the Lord gives us kindness and honor.

    He does not hold back anything good
    from those whose lives are innocent.
    Lord All-Powerful,
    happy are the people who trust you!

    What is there to say? There is nothing like the
    presence of the Lord, to fill you up.

    Once you have felt that in-filling of His life in you, during praise, or worship, or song and dance, or quietly reading his word.

    You are ruined for anyother thing in life, and your faith, and belief is real, no one can take it away.

    Sometimes it's few and far in between, and doubt, sin, wants to come in and deceive us, Just remember, what His throne room is like!


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    God Bless you for posting this

    It is so beautiful