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    Ps. 51:10-13(NAS)

    Create in me a clean heart,
    O God,
    And renew a steadfast spirit
    within me.
    Do not cast me away from
    Thy presence,
    And do not take Thy Holy
    Spirit from me.
    Restore to me the joy of Thy
    And sustain me with a willing
    Then I will teach transgressors
    Thy ways.
    And sinners will be converted
    to Thee.

    This is the cry from the heart of a believer, of my heart. At times we've fallen down in the mud, and become stained and dirty, like little children. And, sometime we become afraid to go to the Father, like little ones, we are afraid of being in trouble.
    But, then, when i look up, look to the cross, i see his out streched arms, His goodness, His mercy, His love. And that's when i cry, Create in me a clean heart, renew a steadfast spirit within me.
    It's good to be in the Father's arms, under His wings, and our joy of our salvation shines a light for others.

    There is healing in His presence.

    God Bless everyone!
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  2. fivesue

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    Just what I need to hear this morning.

    God's Word is living and active....it has interacted with me this AM.

    Again, thank you for your post and blessing on you and all today.

  3. sixtyslady

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    thank you so much for your post. I was feeling alittle down this morning this is just what I needed . to be remimded that God is always with us. in the good and bad times God Bless you. sixtyslady.
  4. stilhere

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    This was great to read first thing in the morning...

    In Christ
  5. morningsonshine

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    Thank you to all three of you, i'm glad you got something out of it.

    I just thought it would be good to have the Word on here as well as prayers.

    My intent is to bring encouragement to people with God's word.