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    A prayer for Safety
    Ps. 142 (NCV)

    I cry out to the Lord;
    I pray to the Lord for mercy.
    I pour out my problems to him;
    I tell him my troubles.
    When i am afraid,
    You, Lord, know the way out.
    In the path where I walk,
    a trap is hidden for me.
    Look around me and see.
    No one cares about me.
    I have no place of safety;
    no one cares if i live.

    Lord, I cry out to you.
    I say,"You are my protection.
    You are all I want in this life."
    Listen to my cry,
    because I am helpless.
    Save me from those who are chasing me,
    because they are too strong for me.
    Free me from my prison,
    and then I will praise your name.
    Then good people will surround me,
    because you have taken care of me.

    Once again, David's prayer becomes my own. There are times when i do not know which way to turn, and there is no one to care; if i was gone tomorrow, who would know? God would, God cares. Even when everything else becomes meaningless. I can cry out to the Lord, He takes care of me. We can pour all our troubles out to Him.

    Praise the Lord, all you people of the Lord,
    Praise his name!
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    Thank you for posting, I love the psalms.....
    one we all can relate to.....