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    Psalm 40 (NAS)

    I waited patiently for the Lord;
    And He inclined to me and
    heard my cry.
    He brought me up out of the
    pit of destruction, out of
    the miry clay;
    And He set my feet upon
    rock making my footsteps
    And He put a new song in my
    mouth, a song of praise to
    our God;
    Many will see and fear,
    And will trust in the Lord.

    How blessed is the man who
    has made the Lord his
    And has not turned to the
    proud, nor to those who
    lapse into falsehood.
    Many, O Lord my God, are
    the wonders which Thou
    hast done,
    And Thy thoughts towards us;
    There is none to compare with
    If i would declare and speak of
    They would be too numerous
    to count.

    O Lord, i'm so thankful you took my destructive life,
    and saved my from death, by my own hands (from the chooses
    and life style i was living). I knew no other way, but you taught me a new way, and gave my a new song.
    Praise the Lord, the God of my salvation.

    Look to the Lord, in your time of trouble.
    Ps. 121:1-2
    I will lift up my eyes to the mountains;
    From whence shall my help come?
    My help comes from the Lord!
    Who made heaven and earth!


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    These scriptures are so inspirational and really does a soul good!
  3. Landy

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    These are a couple of my favorites.
    He set me on a solid rock
    out of the miry clay

    Thank you,
  4. Jordane

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    Thanks so much for the lovely prayer.
    May God keep you safe in this journey of life!!
    Take Care