Daily Dose, May 22, It is for Freedom Christ set us free

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    therefore; keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery. Gal. 5:1

    I read the first three chpt. of Galatians in church yesterday, and it reminded me of Nonnies post about her sister, and the trouble we sometimes have with our own
    christian family, and church.

    Side note: I took myself off to church yesterday byself, thinking i was such a good girl. I was home alone, dad and boys went fishing, and could easily stay home.

    After posting to asatrump, i went to church, because there wasn't any real reason not to, i felt okay. And wouldn't you know they were having there annual meeting and voting!!!(we aren't offical member) LOL!! joke on me!!
    So i read the bible.

    Gal: 3:1-14
    You foolish Galatians, who has
    bewitched you, before whose eyes
    Jesus Christ was publicly portrayed
    as crucified?
    This is the only thing I want to
    find out from you; did you receive
    the Spirit by the works of the Law,
    or by HEARING with FAITH? (I talked about hearing and
    faith in last post)
    Are you so foolish? Having begun
    by the Spirit, are you now being
    perfected by the Flesh?
    Did you suffer so many things
    in vain-if indeed it was in vain?

    Does He then, who provides
    you with the Spirit and works
    miracles among you, do it by the
    works of the Law, or by HEARING
    with FAITH?
    Even so Abraham BELIEVED GOD,
    Therefore, be sure that it is
    those who are of faith who are
    sons of Abraham.
    And the Scripture, foreseeing
    that God would justify the Gentiles
    by faith, preached the gospel beforehand
    to Abraham, saying, "ALL THE NATIONS

    So then those who are of faith
    are blessed with Abraham, the
    For as many as are of the works
    of the Law are under a
    curse; for it is written, "Cursed Is
    Everyone Who Does Not Abide By All
    Things Written In The Book Of
    The Law, To Perform Them."

    Now that no one is justified
    by the Law before God is evident;
    However, the Law is not of
    faith; on the contrary, "He Who
    Practices Them Shall Live By Them."

    Christ redeemed us from the
    curse of the Law, having become a
    curse for us--for it is written,
    "Cursed Is Everyone Who Hangs On
    A Tree"-
    in order that in Christ Jesus
    the Blessing of Abraham might
    come to the Gentiles, so that we
    might receiver the promis of the
    Spirit through FAITH.

    I now this seems like a handful, but if you read it slowly, it really makes sence. We are believers by
    faith, by hearing and believing.

    Let no one lay the yoke of the law back on you, "if you would just do better you wouldn't be sick!" It's what Christ did FOR us, we, all, are cursed under the law.

    Paul seems pretty riled up here, because some are going back to the way of the law.

    But, also remember that we are called to live good clean lives, continuing to grow in Christ, and not knowningly walk in sin.
    Paul says in Romans 6

    What shall we say then?
    Are we to continue in sin that grace might abound?
    May it never be!
    How shall we who died to sin continue in it?

    We are to walk in newness of life,

    Be encouraged today!

    May the peace of Christ rule and reign in your hearts.

  2. windblade

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    Yes, and when I see a shortcoming in myself, a sin, not only do I ask God for His forgiveness and help; BUT I know that Christ IS my righteousness. That he is changing me into his image.

    It is so awesome!!! Mankind's dream, and need.

    Thank you for sharing, hon, and keeping us well fed!

    Lots of love, Judy
  3. morningsonshine

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    I probably won't post another one this week, but we will see, maybe friday, or later this afternoon.

    Thank you Windblade for your inpute, and encouragement.

  4. MamaR

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    I just need to say.....you are such a blessing!

    May God Bless you!

  5. redhowdy222

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    Thanks for your message. I read Galatians3:13 and Deut. 28. They really go together. If you read all of the curses,the CFIDS is right in there with long and continuing illness and clinging sickness, but there is Jesus right there in Galatians becoming the curse FOR us. What a wonderful thing He did for us--taking all of the disease on His back with all of the stripes He had to endure. It keeps me encouraged to keep on believing. It's not easy sometimes to keep focused on His word and the truth of it when the wymptoms are bombarding you.The word says that those who trust in Him will never be dissappointed. Thank you, Jesus.
  6. dejovu

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    I live by those words. Thankyou for sharing. May all who read this, understand in there hearts.

    How God loves us. Bless you, child of God. I'm saying special prayers for you tonight. De
  7. morningsonshine

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    Hi, and welcome redhowdy222 (cyndee)
    It isn't easy, is it! But we need Him soo. I let my closeness slip, and i've been having a real hardtime dealing with things.

    He is the only thing that makes it possible to continue at times.

    You must have really been going back and reading alot to have dug this post up!

    De, when i read this post today, it was like reading something someone else posted! I sure needed it.
    "He became the curse for me."
    Sometimes the word just hits a bullseye right into the heart!

    Thanks for bring this back up!