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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by morningsonshine, Aug 21, 2006.

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    Hi everyone, sure have missed you all! Would like to begin posting the word on here again for encouragement. It was very helpful to me, and kept me in the word, i pray it blesses all who read it.

    Psalm 141

    O LORD, I call upon Thee, hasten
    to me!
    Give ear to my voice when I
    call to Thee!
    May my prayer be counted as
    incense before Thee;
    The lifting up of my hands as
    the evening offering.

    You know i've been so out of touch with my Lord, my emotions lead my away, because i allow it. Your word is true even when i feel nothing, just lifting up my hands to you today changed my heart. You, Oh Lord, never moved, or changed your mind about me!

    Set a guard, O Lord, over my
    Do not incline my heart to
    any evil thing,
    To practice deeds of wickedness
    with men who do iniquity;
    And do not let me eat of
    their delicacies

    I find the Lord has been really pointing out how important the words of my mouth are; angry, harsh words, negative speaking, critism; these things keep us from growing and receiving from the Lord.
    Do you ever feel like that the more the lord shows us, or teaches us, the more we realize what sinners we are and our deep need for Jesus and His forgiveness.

    Let the righteous smite me in
    kindness and reprove me;
    It is oil upon the head;
    Do not let my head refuse it,
    For still my prayer is
    against those who do wicked deeds.

    For my eyes are toward Thee,
    O God, the Lord;
    In Thee I take refuge, do not
    leave me defenseless.
    Keep me from the jaws of
    the trap which they have set
    for me,
    And from the snares of those
    who do iniquity.
    Let the wicked fall into their
    own nets,
    While I pass by safely.

    Lord, I pray that my eyes remain fast on you, because when they do not i fail to walk on the waters of my life.
    Forgive me Lord, renew me Lord,
    In Jesus's precious name i pray,

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    You brought tears to my eyes! How did you know exactly what I needed to hear from the Lord today! I have been so exhausted, and I wasn't too nice yesterday to my family. I am humbled, just what I needed! Love and blessings to you!
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    Blessings to you and your family in Jesus.
    When we get tired and exhausted, it's really hard to hold onto our patients, i fail all the time.

    I get it right sometimes when i take deep breathes, and remember to pray for help. Sometime i just need to go in my room and shut the door, when it's possible.

    Mommy guilt (for me) is a real killer! Remember "now there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus" Rom. 8:1
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    Thanks for the daily dose

    May God Bless you, I enjoyed it


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    This is so encouraging! I think of you oftem and pray for your needs. I appreciate you!