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    IS. 42:17-20 (NAS)

    The afflicted and needy are
    seeking water, but there is
    And their tongue is parched
    with thirst;
    I, the Lord, will answer them
    Myself, (praise the Lord)
    As the God of Israel i will not
    forsake them.
    I will open rivers on the bare
    And springs in the midst of the
    I will make the wilderness a
    pool of water,
    And the dry land fountains of
    I will put the cedar in the
    The acacia, and the myrtle,
    and the olive tree;
    I will place the juniper in the
    Together with the box tree and
    the cypress,
    That they may see and
    And consider and gain insight
    as well,
    That the hand of the Lord has
    done this,
    And the Holy One of Israel has
    created it.

    This is a beautiful passage i have highlighted in my bible.
    So often, i have felt, empty, and barren, dry and dusty, afflicted.
    This passage gives me hope, my God takes the dry barren, forsaken desert, and make something beautiful!!
    He dose this Himself, by His hands.
    How i long for the masters touch in my life.
    I believe he is creating something beautiful in me, if i stay in Him, abide in Him, allow His word to be implanted in me.
    Even if my illness dosen't go away in this life, he can still create beauty in my heart, and attitude.

    God Bless everyone!
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    Thanks for sharing that. How uplifting. It's a blessing to meet you.

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    Thank you so much for taking the time to share this with us. I too have been in many "droughts" and felt so thirsty and parched. But the Lord always sent rain when I needed it most!