Daily Ecouragement 1-20-04

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    As every one of you is apreacher, and every life is a sermon, let me inquire of you: what sort of a sermon are you preaching? Do you find your texts in the shop or in the stock market, and preach that the chief end of man is to make money? Then you are making more converts to Mammon than to Christ. Do some of you preach self-indulgence is the "one thing needful"? Then you will draw more to the pleasure party and the play house than you will to the prayer meeting. What is done by God's professing people outside of the sanctuary carries more weight than anything said within the sanctuary. Today this world's sorest need is for more Christlike men and women. The sermons it needs are sermons in shoes.
    - T. Cuyler
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    That is some great food for thought as you go throughout your daily walk of life. I want to be a living Bible and I definitely want to be a "Sermon In Shoes"! Thanks for sharing it!