Daily Energy Infusion ....Ephedra???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Princessraye, May 16, 2003.

  1. Princessraye

    Princessraye New Member

    I emailed the Vitaminshoppe and they don't know if Daily Energy Infusion contains Ephedra.
    I am going to call the makers of the product on Monday and ask them.
    Do any of you know if it contains Epehedra?
  2. debbiem31

    debbiem31 New Member

    It does not contain that. If you go to google and search for enzymatic therapy, the first hit is their website. You can find the product listing and ingredients from there. Hopefully I can afford to buy it soon, the fatigue is killing me!
  3. judywhit

    judywhit New Member

    energy infusion is very affordable at iherb. It is on the web. This is a wonderful company ships fast and offers a additional 10% off. When I do not find my products on this site I cruise over to iherb. Contains no epehedra all natural.
  4. Princessraye

    Princessraye New Member

    Thanks for the info.
    What I found interesting is although vitaminshoppe lists the ingredients and it does not say ephedra , when I email them they won't say it does not contain ephedra. The world is so sneaky anymore that those things make me suspicious !
  5. sofy

    sofy New Member

    The vitamin shoppe does not make the product and cannot tell you absolutely no when they have no control.
    It was cheapest at web vitamins